Sister Wives: Christine Brown Posts About Drowning Animals – Fans Freak Out

Sister Wives cast member Christine Brown has a Facebook group promoting her Lularoe business. Besides clothing, she also makes other posts to get interaction, create a discussion, or to speak about whatever is on her mind. A recent post really freaked some of her fans out, though. It was about Noah’s Ark and what animals should have drowned. It did not go over well in the group.

Sister Wives News: Christine Brown’s Lularoe Group

The Sister Wives cast member uses social media for personal, business, and promoting the television series. Christine Brown has a Facebook group specifically for her Lularoe business. While the objective is to promote and sell apparel, it’s common for admins to post other things as well. The purpose is to get people to interact and to initiate a discussion.  However, groups to promote a business isn’t the right place for bizarre, controversial, or creepy posts.

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Christine Brown: Noah’s Ark and Drowning Animals

Christine posted in her Lularoe Facebook group about Noah’s Ark. She wrote that some animals should have been left behind. Everyone dislikes at least one animal, creature, or creepy-crawly. However, it wasn’t that statement that was so disturbing. It was the question Christine asked her group members.  “Post photos of animals you think should have drowned!”

Sister Wives: From Faithful to Sadistic

Now, it is likely that Sister Wives’ Christine Brown really didn’t think things through before posting her question. She probably meant to ask what animals do people wish didn’t exist or what should have gone extinct. Even asking what animals should have been left behind would have been acceptable.

But Kody Brown’s wife Christine didn’t use any of those examples. She specifically asked her fans about drowning animals. Understandably, people were upset and called the Sister Wives star out on it. Some even called it sadistic.

Sister Wives Fans Freak Out Over Bizarre Post

Some people understood that Sister Wives’ Christine didn’t mean to glorify animal abuse or that people should drown Earth’s creatures. However, others were deeply disturbed by it. One individual pondered whether Christine secretly fantasizes about watching helpless animals drown.

Another mentioned her Black Lives Matter post on Instagram and the backlash it created. That same person also brought up the skyrocketing COVID hospitalizations. They wondered with everything going on in the world, why her focus is on drowning animals.

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Sister Wives Updates 2020: Christine Brown Should Probably Take A Social Media Break

“Honestly, my first thought was: She’s really posting THIS after her [Black Lives Matter] post fiasco and the nationwide rise in coronavirus hospitalizations?”

It certainly is a creepy post to make, especially in a group that is intended to promote a clothing business. What do you think of what the Sister Wives star posted? Do you think it is creepy and sadistic? Or do you believe that the TLC reality personality just didn’t think how her words would come across?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Christine Brown right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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