’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa’s Friend Carmen Calls Colt A Sociopath And Denies Ever Having Dated Him

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé-Happily Ever After” star Carmen, who helped Larissa Dos Santos Lima by giving her a place to stay in Las Vegas after her divorce from Colt Johnson, and bailed her out of jail, is striking back after some of Colt’s friends implied on social media that she too, had dated Colt. In fact, she denies she ever dated him and calls him a sociopath!

90 Day Fiance – Carmen Has Been Protective Of Her Friend Larissa

Carmen has been protective of her friend Larissa and wanted to make sure she would never get involved with a bad man again, in fact, she had to show Larissa some tough love by asking she move out after she revealed she was going back with Eric Nichols, a man she had dated and broken up with before because Carmen didn’t trust Eric either! She bailed Larissa out of jail when Colt had her arrested for domestic violence. Carmen is also Brazilian, and she and Larissa met in Brazil; Larissa revealed on the show that Carmen came to the United States about ten years ago.

They reconnected in Las Vegas and Larissa says Carmen is like a mother to her, although the two women appear to be close in age. Larissa is very happy to have such a supportive, caring friend in Carmen. Carmen has also befriended Colt’s most recent ex-girlfriend, Jess Caroline and the three of them make no bones about their opinions of Colt, and they’re anything but good ones! All three women detest him now and considering the way Colt revealed that he was a “bad boyfriend” to Jess in a recent episode, admitting he had been “talking” to other women while they were apart, no wonder. And his term “talking” appears to have been the understatement of the century!

Even Vanessa Guerra Commented Colt Was With Carmen Before He Married Larissa

Even Vanessa Guerra, Colt’s “platonic” lady friend which many besides Jess suspect is much more – at the very least a “friend with benefits” – has commented that Colt was with Carmen before he married Larissa-or at least conveyed very strong implications of it! Viewers know that he slept with Vanessa during the waiting period for his divorce from Larissa to become final, he has admitted that on the show – and also new revelations have come out that Vanessa was married to another man at the time as well! Another friend of Colt’s, adult movie actress Tana Lea, who is dating his friend Nick Hogan, “verified” on Instagram that Carmen dated Colt before Larissa did, and that she was tired of Brazilian women being on the attack where Vanessa is concerned!

TLC 90 Day Fiance – Carmen Responds To The Allegations She Dated Colt

Carmen recently went on Instagram to clear up what she calls rumors or allegations about her having dated Colt, and she denied ever having dated him! She also claims Colt is angry because she is now good friends with both Larissa and Jess, and she also suspects Colt was upset when she bailed Larissa out and fouled up his plans to get her deported. She said he was out to hurt his exes, while she is helping the girls that he had manipulated and used, not to mention cheated on!

She calls Vanessa his mistress and accuses him of trying to destroy and break the girls, referring to Larissa and Jess. She addressed Colt directly, telling him she’d never date him – and called him creepy! She also called both Colt and Vanessa out for their deceptions and lies that viewers have seen on this season’s show – and hopes TLC will stop giving him opportunities to use women on national TV!

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