Big Brother All Stars News: Evel Dick Says Pregaming Has Trashed BB22

Big Brother 22: All-Stars spoilers reveal that this has been one of the worst seasons ever—in the opinion of Evel Dick Donato. In particular he blames Derrick Levasseur and Dan Gheesling for apparently pregaming with other players.

Dick Donato was on Big Brother 8 the first time around. That season twist was having some houseguests spend their summer with someone they despised. For Dick it was his estranged daughter Daniele Donato Briones. Wouldn’t you know it, blood was thicker than water (or venom) and Daddy Dick actually tried to protect his daughter. As time went on the two came together to advance.

Big Brother 2020 News: Evel Dick Slams BB22 All Stars

Eventually Evel Dick and Dani got all the way to the Final 2 and Dick took home the half million prize money. A few years went by and Dick and Dani came back for Big Brother 13. Unexpectedly he walked out on day 6 for personal reasons. Flash forward to 2020 and Dani is back on Big Brother: All-Stars. What does her dad think of the season so far? Not much.

He has been active outside of the house with a reality TV recap show called Dick @ Nite and was credited for breaking news of the Big Brother 22 cast list. As this All-Stars season has evolved, Dick has chimed in and what he’s had to say has been 100% real.

To wit, he has gone on Twitter to say that BB22 will end as one of the worst seasons ever. He thinks it is so bad there will never be another All-Stars season. Why the shade? He credits the allegation that BB10 winner Dan and BB16 winner Derrick were pregaming prior to this season.

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What’s Dick Donato’s Beef With BB22?

He’s gone as far as to say that the second half of the show will be, “near unwatchable.” One of his tweets reads: “This season will go down as one of the worst and this will be the last “All Stars” we see and I’m glad. F** this pregaming bull***, f** Sgt Porkchop & Dan, they completely f**** this season up…The 2nd half will be near unwatchable.”

Ok, but what does he really think? Evel Dick has always been vocal and forthright but do you think he’s going too far this time? Or, with his experience on the show, does he know of that which he speaks? Tell us BB fans, do you think Evel Dick is right and the season is a washout, or is he being too harsh?

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