’90 Day Fiance – Happily Ever After’ Spoilers: Asuelu Pulaa Demands An Apology From His Mother

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé-Happily Ever After” star Asuelu Pulaa is demanding an apology from his mother Lesina for telling his wife Kalani Fagaata that they should divorce!

Lesina Expects Asuelu To Put Her And His Half-Sisters Ahead Of His Wife And Children

Things have reached a whole new level of crazy for Asuelu and Kalani now that his mother, Lesina, and his half-sisters, Rosa and Tammy, have been brought into the mix! The craziness started when Lesina demanded $1000 from Asuelu in addition to the $100 and the gifts that Asuelu and Kalani brought to them when they visited them in the state of Washington.

In Samoa, it is perfectly normal and natural for grown children to support their parents, especially when there is no man in the house except for the grown son, but it is viewed as mandatory there, as opposed to voluntary in the United States – many grown children do help their elderly parents out but usually not when they are still able-bodied and can work. One of Asuelu’s sisters, Tammy, not only works but is married and has a child – why aren’t she and her husband helping to support Lesina and Rosa, who is hearing impaired?

Kalani had visited Lesina, Tammy, and Rosa on her own to explain that they could not afford to support two families, with Asuelu only having a part-time job, but not only did they tell Kalani she and Asuelu should divorce, but Tammy also started picking a physical fight with Kalani! At least Lesina did pull her back!

'90 Day Fiance - Happily Ever After' Spoilers: Asuelu Pulaa Demands An Apology From His Mother

Lesina Doesn’t Care About Her Own Grandkids, She Just Wants Money!

When Asuelu had a sit-down with Lesina and Rosa after he picked them up from the airport, having brought them to St. George, Utah where he and Kalani and the kids live, Lesina made it clear she doesn’t care about Asuelu’s two children with Kalani, Oliver, and Kennedy, all she cares about is the money. She wants and expects Asuelu to support her just like he did when he was single. She even insinuated he should go back to Samoa so that he could do his duties as previously, even if she had to take him over there herself!

After they got back, Kalani wasn’t sure she wanted to stay married to Asuelu, and gave him an ultimatum to go to couples therapy, he grudgingly agreed, and after their first appointment decided to bring his mother and sisters to Utah so both their families could have a meeting. In the hotel, Asuelu is adamant that Lesina should apologize to Kalani for the divorce suggestion, with Tammy expected to arrive later.

Asuelu is incredulous that his mother doesn’t even care about her own grandchildren and just wants money, and she tries to convince him she wants him to be a strong boy and stand on his own without Kalani or the kids in the picture! Lesina demanded that instead of Kalani and the children, that she should be Asuelu’s priority!

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