‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’: Will June Shannon Maintain Her Sobriety In Season 5?

Mama June: From Not to Hot spoilers reveal that fans have a big question about the show’s star: Will she stay sober? Mama June Shannon has been sober for seven months and naturally, fans want to see how her recovery progresses as the show plays out.

Recently June Shannon’s sister, Doe-Doe, shared a special milestone on Instagram posting, “100K.!!!!! Thank you to all my fans and followers. Doe Doe loved achieving such a high follower count and added, “Y’all are amazing!!!! Thank you thank you.”

The fans were quick to congratulate her and one even asked if she is on TikTok; she is not.

At the same time, someone else asked about the upcoming season and its chances of airing. “Will there be another season??” was the question.

“Yes,” Doe Doe responded. So this seems to be an affirmation of what many have been wondering. Indeed, there seems to be a Season 5 of Mama June: From Not To Hot that will be forthcoming.

'Mama June: From Not to Hot': Will June Shannon Maintain Her Sobriety In Season 5?

Doe Doe has seemed to confirm a season 5 of the hit show

Actually, confirming that something will take place is not an easy nor simple thing to do when it comes to the entertainment industry. There are certain places and times for such confirmations and it has to do with legal reasons.

For example, a network or production company may want to tighten down details or plans before making a formal announcement.

But others are throwing caution to the wind and figuring that if Doe-Doe has come out and said so, then it must be the truth.

If Doe-Doe confirms a new season should we believe it?

It is a relatively safe bet to assume that Doe-Doe has either been told by TPTB that another season is a sure thing or that they are already filming the show.

Take into account that at this time last year for Season 4, the production was already several weeks into filming, which makes it likely that there is some, if not a lot, of footage that has already been recorded. All of this is speculation at this point, however.

June Shannon is sober and living her best life

This summer, June showed off her six-month sobriety chip which was cause for great celebration. As fans saw previously on Mama June: Family Crisis, June had several chances in seasons 3 and 4 to get clean and get sober but unfortunately, her addiction was in control and not the other way around.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Mama June: From Not to Hot. Come back here often for Mama June: From Not to Hot spoilers, news, and updates.

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