’90 Day Fiance – Happily Ever After’: Fans Strike Back At Charlie Potthast Disgusting Behaviour

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé-Happily Ever After” star Charlie Potthast, Elizabeth Potthast Castravet’s brother, has been a real drama maker this season. Fans recently struck back at Charlie on social media!

90 Day Fiance – Charlie Potthast Has Made Quite The Problem Of Himself

Viewers will recall that Charlie has made quite the problem of himself this season. He and Chuck Potthast, he and Elizabeth’s father, have made their suspicions of Andrei Castravet quite well known. Poor Elizabeth is caught in the middle between her family and her husband. Now that her sister Jenn Davis has arrived, along with their mother Pamela Putnam and stepfather Walter, Jenn has joined the investigation of Andrei!

Prior to their arrival, Charlie and Andrei, both with a little too much to drink, nearly got in a fistfight. This was in a fancy restaurant that they and Andrei’s family and friends were eating in. Elizabeth shouted at them to stop, while Andrei’s brother Radu and friend Marcel pulled the two apart! But Pamela wasn’t much better – after she and Jenn arrived, she pretty much went along with whatever the others said.

They even criticized the dinner Andrei’s mother prepared, calling it “peasant food”. They had pretty much the same opinion of the sumptuous catered meal at the post-wedding reception. As for Charlie, he once again got drunk and loud, and instead of a family blessing, which Chuck gave, made disparaging remarks! Elizabeth even asked if he had eaten anything before he stood up and took the mike, and then Andrei escorted him outside!

'90 Day Fiance - Happily Ever After': Fans Strike Back At Charlie Potthast Disgusting Behaviour

TLC 90 Day Fiance – Fans Struck Back At Charlie Potthast On Instagram

Fans did not take well to Charlie trying to mess up the happy occasion, and let Charlie know it – and have it! There were dozens of comments describing the disgust the viewers felt when Charlie insulted Andrei at their post-wedding reception. One felt embarrassed for him, but it was in a snide remark kind of way. The poster continued, commenting on the amount of disrespect Charlie had shown in the last few episodes. The poster also described Charlie’s behavior as insanely classless. The rest of the comment described how Charlie had inherited “the silver platter”, obviously referring to the saying “a silver spoon” from his father. The commenter considers the Potthasts privileged people.

Another commenter had the opinion that Charlie was jealous of Elizabeth’s wedding. Charlie did comment in the episode that Chuck hadn’t paid for his wedding or any of his siblings, why Elizabeth’s? The fan also reminded Charlie that Andrei and Elizabeth love each other and that Andrei is a good father and husband. The fan continued, admonishing Charlie that at least Andrei doesn’t cheat on her or beat her and she’s happy. There were a few people that went along with Charlie, commenting he says it like it is. Another saluted him for his actions on the show, saying he or she would do the same. That was a total of two positive comments among dozens of critical ones, none of which Charlie has made any response to whatsoever!

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