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’90 Day Fiance’: Kalani Doesn’t Trust Asuelu, Tells Mom She Put A Tracker On His Phone!

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé-Happily Ever After” star Kalani Fagaata clearly still doesn’t totally trust her husband Asuelu Pulaa, as seen in a sneak peek of the upcoming episode “Point of No Return”!

Kalani And Asuelu Have Been In A Rough Patch All Season Long

Viewers will recall that this has been a rough time for Kalani and Asuelu for most of the season. The season started out with Asuelu working part-time in a shop, with Kalani at home taking care of their two children. Her father, Low Fagaata had taken him to the task, talking to him about responsibility, and supporting his family. Kalani had been feeling all the responsibility was on her, or at least most of it.

Then Asuelu had revealed that he was homesick for Samoa and the couple had started making plans for a visit. Asuelu’s paternal sister, who lives in Samoa, had called and warned him that there was a measles outbreak. Kalani was worried, and though they did take Oliver and Kennedy to the pediatrician to see about vaccinations. Oliver, the older boy, had been vaccinated previously but had a bad reaction, and Kennedy was too young. They tabled the trip to Samoa but Asuelu seemed to have an attitude about it.

The family, including Low and Lisa, and Kalani’s sister Kolini Fagaata went to California and rented an Airbnb for Oliver’s second birthday. Asuelu sat in the yard and pouted, and then walked out of the party and took a bus apparently back to Utah after calling Kalani a lying bitch! The couple seemed to patch things up and took a trip to Washington State to visit his mother and half-sisters, Lesina, Rosa, and Tammy as a compromise for not going to Samoa.

'90 Day Fiance': Kalani Doesn't Trust Asuelu, Tells Mom She Put A Tracker On His Phone!

Kalani And Her Mother Lisa Fagaata Talk About Kalani’s Marriage And Asuelu

Kalani and her mother, Lisa, are seen sitting on a couch talking about Asuelu and the couples’ problems. Viewers will recall from the most recent episode that the two families had lunch together and tried to work things out with each other. Lesina’s constant badgering of her son for money had gotten on Kalani’s last nerve. Lesina had thought that Low, from Samoa himself, would set Asuelu and Kalani straight about the expectations of the grown son putting his mother’s needs ahead of his wife’s. Low did not.

Prior to that, Kalani had given Asuelu an ultimatum, telling him they had to go to couples’ therapy. He grudgingly attended and managed to stand up to his mother about the support issues, leaving it that if he and Kalani could help, they would, but if they couldn’t they wouldn’t. Since then, it seems that another issue has arisen that could tear apart the couple – and Kalani and Lisa talk it over in the preview.

Kalani, in tears, tells her mother that Asuelu has been going out and lying about where he has been, and she has put a tracker on his cell phone! She tells Lisa he can’t continue just going out and doing whatever he wants! Lisa wants her daughter to be happy and tells her she will support her no matter what her decision!

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