’90 Day Fiance’ Darcey Meddles, Calls Florian’s Mystery Girlfriend!

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé-Darcey And Stacey” star Darcey Silva is very protective of her twin sister Stacey Silva, and that goes two ways! Darcey meddles in behalf of her sister and calls Florian Sukaj’s mystery girlfriend!

Florian And This Mystery Woman Had Been Shown In Bed Together On Social Media

Viewers will recall that Florian and this mystery woman had been shown in bed together on social media, both in still photos and in a video. When Stacey found this out she was understandably upset with her fiancé of four-plus years, and naturally talked things over with sis. Now Darcey is determined to get to the bottom of everything, and she starts by tracking down this mystery woman. She calls her to get her side of the story, but she doesn’t want Stacey to lose her fiancé if he is truly innocent. After all, Florian is a model, and some models make enormous amounts of money and are subject to extortion.

It turns out the “mystery woman” is not so much of a mystery – she is actually someone Stacey knows or knows of, a Belgian woman named Shanti Zohra. She is also a model, and she and Florian could have been photographed together for legitimate work reasons. However, Darcey’s first priority is to protect her twin sister – she doesn’t want her to marry Florian if she is only going to be hurt by him. She and Stacey, after all have known Florian for over five years! She’d hate to think that he was really a cheating Lothario who has fooled them all this time!

Darcey Places A Video Call To Shanti

Darcey places a video call to Shanti, and tells her she is Stacey’s twin sister Darcey. Shanti looks skeptical, and says, “Right”. Darcey continues, telling Shanti she just wants to keep things simple – she understands that Shanti posted some provocative photos of herself and Florian online. Darcey isn’t sure what happened, but she wants Shanti to explain it and tell her side of the story. Shanti appears skeptical but says okay. She tells Darcey that her side of the story is that when Florian met her, it was through Instagram and he had been sending her messages.

'90 Day Fiance' Darcey Meddles, Calls Florian's Mystery Girlfriend!

He wanted to know who Shanti was, and he was complaining that he has been in a relationship for four years with Stacey, and he was tired of being on a leash like a puppy. Shanti continues, saying that Florian led her to believe that he and Stacey were no longer together. Then she becomes irritated and vents – or pretends to vent – to Darcey! She says she is mad at Florian too – not only at Stacey! She goes on about being so mad about the situation and now Darcey looks skeptical! She tells Darcey she is not a homewrecker, that she is a strong woman who doesn’t want a lot of drama in her life!

Darcey becomes a bit agitated at that point, and tells her again that she wants to know what happened and how those pictures and video got taken! Shanti tells her to ask Florian! Florian, at that point, had already been talked to about the situation by the twins’ dad, Mike Silva. Then Shanti says that she feels like the victim and she’s said too much already and again tells Darcey to ask Florian! Darcey’s steamed at that point, and tells her so, she’s the victim, so she couldn’t be lying, could she? Shanti goes off on Darcey then and says she’s not lying, she is telling her what is going on and what happened! Darcey sighs, and says it is becoming a very draining situation.

Darcey Loses Patience With An Evasive Shanti

Darcey is quickly losing patience with a seemingly evasive Shanti – again she says she just wants to know what happened, and tells her again to keep it simple, but this time Darcey calls Shanti “honey!” Shanti takes offense and talks to Darcey in terms she doesn’t seem to understand. She tells Darcey she’s not her honey, and it’s not her fault that Florian’s sugar wants to taste her honey! Darcey, to the cameras, shakes her head and doesn’t understand how she can relate sugar to honey like she should be relating honey to bees or something!

Back to the phone call, she tells Shanti she’s confused about that little scenario, but she’s calling her bluff! She comes right out and asks Shanti if she and Florian had sex – Shanti sarcastically answers, “what do you think!” Darcey, to the camera, accuses Shanti of playing her for a fool – and she doesn’t like it. If she continues dishing it out she’s going to give it right back!

Back to the phone call, Shanti continues the sentence, as to what Darcey thinks – she says she saw the photos and the photos say it all. Darcey accuses Shanti of photoshopping the photos and the video, calling them “staged”. She tells Shanti the photos are as fake as she is, so she can get – Shanti interrupts and again tells her to ask Florian!

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