Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Sean Spicer Flooded With DWTS Jokes After ‘Completely Ridiculous’ Comment

Dancing With the Stars spoilers reveal that alum Sean Spicer made a comment that completely backfired. While the former White House press secretary called recent media coverage “completely ridiculous,” he ended up flooded with DWTS jokes as Twitter users slammed him with reminders of his stint on the long-running dancing competition reality show.

‘Completely Ridiculous’ Comment

The former White House press secretary had a stint on DWTS and images of his outrageous and neon-bright costumes would flood his Twitter timeline. It was all spurred by Spicer making a comment about the line of succession and how the media was covering it. He called it “completely ridiculous,” but never imagined that he would be reminded of his past.

“These media stories about the line of succession are completely ridiculous.”

DWTS Spoilers: ‘Completely Ridiculous’ Flashbacks

As soon as Spicer sent out the tweet, he was overwhelmed with what some Twitter users think is “completely ridiculous.” Images of Spicer’s time on Dancing With the Stars would flood Twitter, which included some of his more outrageous costumes while out on the dance floor.

Twitter Flooded With Jokes

The Dancing With the Stars alum was quickly reminded of what some people consider to be “completely ridiculous.” One reply included a brief video of Spicer on the dance floor wearing an oversized, blinding yellow top with enormous ruffles that made him look a bit like Big Bird from Sesame Street. Other comments included,

“Local expert on ridiculousness weighs in.”

“Sean, hush about defining what is ‘ridiculous’.”

“Well, almost the most ridiculous thing ever in the history of mankind. COMMA!”

Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Sean Spicer’s Stint

For those that might be new to DWTS, Spicer did a stint on the television series last year and came in sixth place, even though judges gave him low scores. His appearance is considered by some to be one of the more controversial cast decisions. Of course, Twitter users didn’t just comment but included tons of images and videos of some of his more outrageous outfits while on the show.

Tell us what you think of how Twitter flooded Sean Spicer with images and videos of his stint on DWTS. Remember to come back to RTV for juicy Dancing With the Stars spoilers, updates, and news.

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