‘Sister Wives’ News: Christine Brown Slammed For Promoting ‘Predatory’ Businesses That ‘Hurt Women’

Sister Wives fans follow the cast members on social media and stay updated on their lives. Many of the wives use their social media following to earn income from their various businesses. Now, many of those businesses are MLM’s (multi-level-marketing). However, some people are upset that they are promoting “predatory” MLM’s that “hurt women.”

Sister Wives: Business As Usual

Some of the reality stars are more active on social media than others. They all have a huge fan base and a large number of followers. So, they use this to their advantage to promote their businesses and earn income. This includes Facebook groups, live streams, and Instagram promotions, just to name a few. Now, anyone who runs a company or business does the same thing… whether it’s an MLM or not.

TLC Fans Slam Predatory MLM’s

Christine Brown recently promoted Younique and used a sales pitch in a social media post. Anyone who has been on social networks has seen lots of these posts from friends, family members, and co-workers. Well, fans were not happy that Christine was promoting another MLM, which some commented were “predatory.” Christine was told that Younique and other similar businesses “hurt women.” One follower even wrote, “enough with the MLMs!”

'Sister Wives' News: Christine Brown Slammed For Promoting 'Predatory' Businesses That 'Hurt Women'

Christine Brown Just Can’t Win

It seems that the Sister Wives star just can’t win no matter what she does. She has to constantly read comments from people who slam her for the Brown family’s massive debt and the fact that they don’t seem to spend responsibly. Then, she asked fans to help with huge medical bills for her children but got backlash for them being uninsured. Now that she is trying to earn money, she is getting criticized for that.

Just Keep Scrolling…

Although MLM’s aren’t a great way for the average person to earn an income and very few succeed, the women of Sister Wives seem to do well. This is because they use their huge fan base and there are always viewers who will buy whatever they are selling. While MLM’s do have a nasty reputation, everyone is given a choice. If it works for Christine and helps her provide for her family, then good for her! For those that don’t like it, well, you can just keep scrolling.

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