’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Angela Having Weight Loss Surgery – Michael Scared, Doesn’t Want Her To Do It!

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé-Happily Ever After” stars Angela Deem Ilesanmi and her husband Michael Ilesanmi got into a bit of an argument in part three of the recent Tell-All episode. Angela revealed that she’s having weight loss surgery and Michael doesn’t like it!

TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Angela Deem Has Been Working On Losing Weight

“90 Day Fiancé” viewers who keep up with Angela on social media know that she’s been working on losing weight. She has had a paid endorser position with a weight loss product called “Boombod” for several months now. It’s a natural product based on apple cider vinegar that comes as fruit-flavored drinks and they also sell other nutritional supplements. They call their drinks “shots” obviously comparing them to “jello shots”. She has stated she has been using the product herself.

She also has been photographed with June Shannon’s physical trainer, Natasha Fett on Natasha’s Instagram. But not a peep to either the public or Michael about weight loss surgery – until the third part of the tell-all! Host Shaun Robinson had asked Angela to talk about her plans for weight loss surgery. She told her she didn’t want to bring it up in front of Michael, who of course was on the ZOOM screen with her. Michael was blindsided and voiced his disapproval with three loud NOs!

Michael said she knows he doesn’t like anything remotely resembling surgery, let alone weight loss surgery. His opinion of plastic surgery is even worse – he calls it “artificial stuff”. Michael appears to be worried that the surgery could kill Angela. Perhaps in Nigeria, he’s had loved ones die from procedures.

TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Angela Deem Is Going To Do What She Wants To Do

Angela’s going to do what she’s going to do, and Michael’s not going to stop her! She said that she would drop over a hundred pounds after the third month after the surgery. She said everything would be reconstructed and she’s having the“skin surgery” too. She is undoubtedly talking about procedures like a tummy tuck, where the loose skin that is left is reduced.

She didn’t mention anything about liposuction. Angela told Michael she doesn’t like being the size she is. She told him how she gets out of breath, and gained twenty more pounds from eating what her grandkids eat. (Spoiler alert, Angela – this is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix! Get out of the pizza and candy!) Michael told her he loves the way she is and doesn’t want her to change anything about herself.

Angela even told him their sex life would improve after the procedure. She says she would feel sexier with a slimmed-down body. Michael told her she was lucky that he’s not in Hazlehurst because he’d try to put a stop to it. Angela told him he wouldn’t be able to stop it. She wants to do this for herself, to make herself feel better. At that point, he threw his hands up and crossed his arms.

Season six has not yet been announced by TLC, but you can see Angela and Michael on “90 Day Fiancé-HEA Strikes Back!” in the meantime. Stay tuned to the show and check back here for all the latest on your fave “90 Day Fiancé” shows and stars!

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