‘Little People, Big World’ News: Zach Roloff Tells Mom Amy He Has No More Sympathy For Her

TLC Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that the tension is rising in Zach Roloff’s relationship with his mom Amy Roloff and we have all the dirt on what’s been kicking up the dust between them. It’s been reported that Zach was very understanding and supportive of his mom’s huge decision to move off of Roloff Farm.

According to Zach, he thought it was a good choice seeing as his divorced parents are now in relationships with other people, and for the best for Amy. Things are dicey between Zach’s dad Matt and Amy and in the end, distance makes the heart grow finder right?

Why are Zach Roloff and Amy Roloff having tension in their relationship?

It’s also been speculated that patriarch Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler could use some breathing room to develop their relationship without Matt’s ex still around. But, it seems like the understanding and support Zach has had for Amy is trickling dry and he is just ready for her to move forward and on with her own life.

“I’m a fan of my dad taking over the whole farm,” Zach said. “I think it’ll be healthier for everybody when my mom moves off the farm.”

Zach has admitted to being put in the middle of his parent’s ongoing stuff

In fact, in Season 21, Episode 2 of LPBW Zach made no bones about his patience wearing thin with his mom. In the past, he has generally taken her side over his dad’s when his parents get into it. But now it seems that the adult son has simply had enough of the drama.

“I’ve always sided with Mom,” Zach recently told his dad, “but I’m probably a little bit more like, ‘Hey mom, sympathies are done. Let’s roll.’”

'Little People, Big World' News: Zach Roloff Tells Mom Amy He Has No More Sympathy For Her

Have the LPBW fans gotten to a point of no return over Amy and Matt’s bickering?

He went on, “It would be nice to see the farm in a better place. There’s a lot of indecisiveness. And I tend to sympathize with my mom a lot historically, especially over the years. But in this particular situation, it’s becoming difficult.”

He doesn’t think Amy’s health is being done any favors by her staying. “Health-wise, it’s in her best interest to move off. You know, two different people are living on it that don’t really get along. There’s gonna be a conflict if things don’t get resolved soon.”

What do you think LPBW fans, are you also frustrated with Amy’s procrastination? Let us know what you think!

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