’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Kenny Heartbroken At Armando’s Father’s Reaction To Meeting Him

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé-The Other Way” star Kenny Niedermeier is heartbroken at Armando Rubio’s father’s reaction to meeting him, even though it was huge for the elder Rubio. For Kenny, it was nothing but rejection coming his way.

90 Day Fiancé Updates – Things Didn’t Go As Hoped For Kenny And Armando

Things could have gone better for Kenny’s first meeting with the majority of Armando’s family, although it wasn’t the worst it could have been. Armando’s daughter Hannah, who Kenny had met before, gave him a hug. She understood that all three of them would be together now – and of course, the furry four-legged one, Truffles. The two men were both nervous on the way to the family meeting. Kenny however was a bit more negative than Armando about how it actually turned out. Armando was afraid to tell his family that he and Kenny had gotten engaged, but eventually he did.

There was a large group awaiting Kenny and Armando, and Kenny was nervous – all he saw was he was being looked through and checked out, especially by Armando’s father. While the older man made a huge step in at least coming out of the door and greeted and shook Kenny’s hand, Kenny took it as a very small step. Virginia, Armando’s mother was much warmer with Kenny. Armando’s family is still adjusting to Armando being gay, and Mexico is in general an extremely homophobic country and culture. It is no wonder that the family is having to take their time adjusting to Kenny and Armando being together, let alone their engagement!

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Most Of The Family Was At Least Somewhat Accepting

Most of the family seemed at least somewhat accepting, although it may have been in the sense that they couldn’t do anything about it. They may have simply resigned themselves to the fact that Armando and Kenny are together and are trying to make the best of what they consider to be a bad situation. One of Armando’s nieces made fast friends with Kenny’s little dog Truffles, who sat on her lap the entire time until the couple left. The rest were polite, not angry, but not overwhelmingly affectionate like Kenny had hoped. Kenny said to the cameras afterward that he knew it was a lot to overcome for Armando’s father to accept him at all.

'90 Day Fiancé' Spoilers: Kenny Heartbroken At Armando’s Father’s Reaction To Meeting Him

Kenny hopes that he will give him a chance, but his expectations were that his dad would not want to sit down and talk and get to know him better. He was very disappointed at that, but the elder Rubio had said he hadn’t been feeling well, and maybe he actually wasn’t. Armando, too wished that his dad would have wanted to interact more with Kenny. He hoped that his dad would see Kenny for the person he really is. However, Armando also said he knows his dad is having a difficult time with their situation. Both men will just have to be patient to get more acceptance out of Armando’s dad, although he did hug and kiss his son. That shows he still loves Armando.

He had gone back to the house when Armando announced their engagement, and the rest seemed shocked and didn’t know what to say. Kenny felt their silence spoke volumes. Kenny told them, with Armando interpreting, that it wasn’t something they had rushed into. Armando’s mother, Virginia, said it was her son’s choice. Kenny took Virginia’s looking at the ground as she was embarrassed and hurt by the engagement announcement. He was sad for Armando, and Armando’s older aunts didn’t take it too well.

'90 Day Fiancé' Spoilers: Kenny Heartbroken At Armando’s Father’s Reaction To Meeting Him

Virginia said they like Kenny, but they feel for her. She wished that they would have told her first so she could have prepared them. She also told the cameras she wasn’t going to tell her husband right away. Just coming out and saying hello to Kenny and shaking his hand was a huge step for him! Kenny worries he will be thought of as the bad guy, and they’ll want to blame him for messing up Armando’s life! In Armando’s room, where they were staying, he told Kenny he was still trying to process everything and defended his father.

At least he did come out and say hello and shook Kenny’s hand. Before the season started, Armando had been so afraid to tell his parents about Kenny that he told them he was filming a documentary so they would participate in filming! Tearful, he said he never wants to lose Kenny, because with him there is complete acceptance.

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