‘Alaskan Bush People’ News: Bear Brown Squashes Damaging Rumor, ‘Not Proving Myself Anymore’

Discovery Channel Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown had a very bitter and volatile split with Raiven Adams. Just as soon as fans learned from both Bear and Raiven Adams that they were back together, the reality star is clearing up one thing. Raiven previously accused him of drug use and he took a test to show he’s clean. Bear added that he is not proving himself anymore.

Raiven Adams’ Damaging Claims

When a couple splits, there is usually a lot of anger, resentment, and secrets. Even though Bear and Raiven said they would remain friends, things soon took a nasty turn. Raiven applied for a restraining order. She also accused Bear of drug use, erratic behavior, abuse, and threatening her. These statements can really damage someone and can follow them around for a long time, whether they are true or not.

Alaskan Bush People: Reconciliation

After River Brown was born, Raiven made it clear on social media that she was not keeping the child from Bear. She promised that Bear and River were going to meet soon and develop a relationship. Recently, Raiven and River flew from Texas to Washington and reunited with Bear. The reality star was thrilled to finally meet his son, who is now six months old.

Just days later, both Bear and Raiven confirmed on their Instagram accounts that they were back together.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Squashes Damaging Rumor, 'Not Proving Myself Anymore'

Bear Brown Denies Drug Use

One of Raiven’s claims during the split was that Bear used drugs. Even though he passed a drug test, the rumors still swirled around and people kept bringing it up. Recently, Bear made a statement about the drug allegations. He wrote, “I was only accused of using cocaine which I don’t! So that is all I showed. I’m NOT proving myself anymore. Nor should I have to.”

While we are glad that he’s clean and passed a drug test, Raiven is the one that made this damaging claim. Since the two are back together, perhaps she should be the one to come forward and clear the air. That is the thing with making damaging statements about someone. Even if they prove their innocence, that’s not what people remember. They only remember the allegation and that tends to follow the accused for years. In any case, we wish the best Bear, Raiven, and River.

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