‘The Family Chantel’ News: Royal Everett Doesn’t Think His Sister Chantel Is All That Classy

TLC’s “The Family Chantel” star Royal Everett reveals he doesn’t think his sister Chantel is all that classy!

Royal Brought His New Bride Angenette Everett Back To Atlanta

In the premiere of the new season, Royal brought his new bride Angenette back to Atlanta. It was a total surprise to his sister Chantel and her husband Pedro Jimeno! Already there has been family drama over this surprise – or maybe that should be shocked! They had no idea Royal was moving back to Atlanta, let alone with his new bride! Royal and Angenette, like so many other “90 Day Fiancé” couples, met online. They were able to be together for a time in the United States through the K-1 visa process.

After a courthouse wedding, Royal and Angenette, like “90 Day Fiancé-Happily Ever After” couple Andrei and Elizabeth Castravet, want to have a second wedding in Angenette’s native country. Angenette is from the Philippines. Chantel describes Angenette as very sweet but kind of quiet. She would like her to open up to her a little more than she has. The couple was married just a week after she came over to the United States, although they actually had three months to marry under the K-1 visa. Chantel was immediately suspicious about that! She decides to invite the new bride out for a night of clubbing with her sister Winter Everett and some of their friends.

The Family Chantel Updates – Things Don’t Go Quite As Planned At The Club

First, Chantel has Angenette come over to her and Pedro’s house to hang out with her and Winter. They play some video games before heading out. Chantel wants to know if Royal has texted Angenette on their way to the club, and she says he has. She says Royal wanted to know if he should come and get her. Chantel is curious about that and asks her if Royal doesn’t want her to be out late. Angenette admits he doesn’t. Chantel tells the cameras that Winter and she just wanted to get to know Angenette better, but that Royal seems to be a little too controlling. She continues, saying Angenette should not need his permission to go out and to make new friends and be with other people besides him.

'The Family Chantel' News: Royal Everett Doesn't Think His Sister Chantel Is All That Classy

Surely he would trust his own sisters to take good care of his wife, after all! Once they get to the club, they start drinking. Angenette, however, is too bashful to dance. Chantel tries hard to get her to come out of her shell and finally persuades her to try a drink – or a few! However, Angenette has never drunk hard liquor before. She finally starts having a good time but then Royal shows up! Chantel wants to know why he’s there. As they go outside, Chantel follows them and asks where they are going. He tells her he’s there to get his wife. Chantel wants to know why, since he’s never acted like this with his previous girlfriends. Royal says Angenette might be a little too tipsy and wants to take her home.

Chantel thinks he’s jealous of her and doesn’t want her to be around other guys. He invites Chantel to ride with them. She wants to stay and have a good time. So Royal drives off with Angenette, leaving Chantel and Winter at the club. Royal then tells his wife she should conduct herself as a classy woman, and it’s very important. Angenette asks why, and doesn’t he think his sister Chantel is classy? Royal says no, Chantel is not the least bit classy! To the cameras, he explains that when a person is married, conducting oneself properly and carrying oneself as a married person would is important. He doesn’t think Chantel is behaving properly for a married woman at all, and certainly is not classy!

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