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‘Sister Wives’ News: Janelle Brown Watches ‘Mars Rise’ As Fans Ask Her About Season 15

TLC Sister Wives star Janelle Brown recently shared that she and her children took the opportunity to go stargazing and watch Mars rise. She mentioned wanting to invest money in a good telescope. Meanwhile, fans asked her for updates about season 15 and when we could see her family back on TV. Keep reading to get all the details.

Watching Mars Rise

On Instagram, Janelle posted pictures of their night out stargazing and watching Mars rise. The 51-year-old reality star explained that the pictures were blurry because of her phone’s exposure and the fact that it was dark. As anyone who has tried to take pictures of the night sky knows, phones are notorious for not being able to capture the true beauty of the stars.

“A little blurry as my phone is on slow exposure for the dark. We are tailgating watching Mars rise.”

Sister Wives: Staying Up Late

Janelle and her boys had to stay up late to be able to watch the sky gazing event. However, it sounds like it was well worth it. They even got to see a beautiful red tint over the mountain. The Sister Wives star wrote, “Apparently tonight it’s the brightest it will be during its ‘current close’ pass by Earth. Close being relative of course.”

Prime Stargazing Spot and Telescope Goals

Janelle mentioned to the fan in the comments section that she would like to buy a good telescope. It would definitely be put to good use since they live in a “prime stargazing spot.” Arizona is well-known for having some captivating nighttime views of the sky, including the stars, planets, comets, meteors, and the moon.

Janelle Brown Asked About Season 15

The Sister Wives star was also asked about topics not relating to astronomy. One fan wanted to know when the Brown family would be seen in new episodes on TLC. However, Janelle wouldn’t give any specific details. She only said to stay tuned to the network for updates.

It should be an eventful season on Sister Wives, though. A lot has happened, including Kody Brown and Meri Brown’s alleged split, Ysabel Brown’s scoliosis surgery, and much more. We will keep you posted with new developments and updated information as it becomes available.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Janelle Brown right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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