’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Yazan And Brittany’s Situation Now Makes A Lot More Sense

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé-The Other Way” stars Yazan Abu Hurira and Brittany Banks’ situation now makes a lot more sense with the most recent update to their story.

The Latest Episode Gave Clarity To The Couples’ Struggles

The latest episode gave clarity to the couples’ struggles. Ninety-five percent of their clashes stem from culture clash. Brittany is anything but a demure, submissive, modest Muslim woman while Yazan is a Jordanian orthodox Muslim. Brittany was in a bind, trying to figure out how to stall Yazan and his family on the return to Jordan for an immediate marriage to Yazan, which is what was expected of her. She went to Chicago, Illinois for her divorce court hearing only to find out she wasn’t on the docket. Neither she nor the viewers could figure out how she managed to be summoned to court without being on the docket.

It sounds like someone accidentally deleted her divorce filing between being assigned a court date and the actual court being held! She was frustrated and angry, and with good reason. Now she has to file all over again and figure out how to stall Yazan and his family even longer! As for Yazan, he was having it much more rough than his fiancée – his father fired him from their fish market, kicked him out of the house, and he had to live on the street for two days. It may be that his friend Mohammed gave him a place to stay after he had stayed a night with a sympathetic uncle.

'90 Day Fiancé' Spoilers: Yazan And Brittany's Situation Now Makes A Lot More Sense

This was all over friends of his family sending photos of Brittany in a bikini taken from her social media accounts! However, it does look like he wasn’t totally ignorant of Brittany’s decidedly non-Muslim lifestyle, and may have been telling his parents some little white lies. He loves his parents, but he loves Brittany too and that’s why he’s been pushing her to convert.

Yazan Says He Loves Brittany And Wants To Be With Her

Yazan says he loves Brittany and wants to be with her. But he doesn’t want to lose his family in the process. In Jordan, especially among orthodox Muslims, there is also the Sharia law that apparently applies to both men and women. Yazan’s life has been threatened over his relationship with Brittany since the cheesecake photos have been revealed to Jordanian family and friends – even his own father made a death threat! He now has made his intention to fight for Brittany clear, which is a huge turnaround from previous comments he had made about her wasting his time if she didn’t change.

Perhaps that separation while she’s been in Chicago has made his heart grow fonder. Recent social media posts by the two of them seem to imply that they didn’t make it, although both are still alive and well. But then there is the fact that all “90 Day Fiancé” stars must sign a non-disclosure agreement so that not too much of what happens with them is spoiled or leaked before the end of season tell-all. Once the other half of the season is completed, perhaps the whole truth of Yazan and Brittany will be known!

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