‘The Family Chantel’ News: Chantel Everett Reveals Pedro Jimeno Has An Ulterior Motive

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé-The Family Chantel” star Chantel Everett reveals her husband Pedro Jimeno has an ulterior motive for a trip to New York, and she’s not exactly happy about it.

Chantel Is Graduating From Nursing School And Pedro Plans A Trip To New York City

In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Chantel is preparing to graduate from nursing school and Pedro plans a trip to New York City to celebrate. The only problem is Chantel finds out he has an ulterior motive in planning the trip and it’s not just about her. She and her mother, Karen Everett go on a shopping trip together for ugly sweaters. This is for Karen’s planned photoshoot of the family all together wearing ugly sweaters. She wants to know if Chantel is still on track to graduate and she tells her she recently had a job interview at a plastic surgeon’s office.

Chantel would really like to work there so she hopes it works out. Karen asks her daughter if she still has any tests to complete, and Chantel tells her she still has to complete her final exam. Then she wants to know what Pedro is planning to celebrate Chantel’s graduation. She tells Karen he’s planning a trip to New York. Of course, Karen wants to know why Pedro picked New York City; it’s quite a long drive up the East Coast from Atlanta, Georgia where they currently live! Chantel has found out Pedro’s ulterior motive and tells Karen.

'The Family Chantel' News: Chantel Everett Reveals Pedro Jimeno Has An Ulterior Motive

Pedro’s Sister Nicole Jimeno Is Dating A Guy In New York

Chantel tells Karen that Pedro’s sister, Nicole Jimeno is dating a guy in New York and Pedro wants to check him out! Karen remarks that doesn’t sound like a graduation gift. Chantel doesn’t exactly know what to tell her. She admits she has thought the same thing, but the trip is supposed to also be her graduation present. Chantel continues, telling Karen that Pedro had told her his mom wants him to go to New York but also wants Chantel along to meet Nicole with her boyfriend. Chantel is already upset about Pedro putting his mother and sister ahead of her, and now he seems to be doing the same again. She feels like she was only an afterthought!

In the meantime, Nicole talks to her friend, Coraima about her new man, named Alejandro. Nicole says she’s in love with him and nicknamed him. She calls him her “chi-chi”. Nicole describes Alejandro as a very attentive man, and that she actually met him years ago at a party. Then they started corresponding on social media, and that is how it all began. Nicole says he is also from the Dominican Republic, and lives in New York City and wants her to visit. So Nicole planned a trip to New York and said she plans to move in with the mysterious – to the family, anyway – Alejandro. When that is taken into consideration, it is not surprising that Nicole’s brother and mother would want to check the guy out!

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