‘The Family Chantel’ News: Pedro Jimeno Not Proud Of His Wife Chantel Everett

TLC’s “The Family Chantel” star Pedro Jimeno recently told his wife Chantel Everett that he isn’t proud of her, and that caused some hurt feelings that she let him know about right away!

The Family Chantel Updates – Pedro Jimeno And Chantel Everett Argued About Their Dreams For The Future

Pedro and Chantel recently argued about their dreams for the future, shown in a sneak peek for an upcoming episode of “The Family Chantel”. They had announced on the season premiere of the show that Chantel would be graduating from nursing school with a bachelor’s degree. Pedro had moved to Atlanta, Georgia from his home country of the Dominican Republic so that he and Chantel could marry. Then he got a warehouse job and has worked long, hard hours in order to support her while she completed her studies.

When she graduated, he hoped to move forward with his own career and education goals. But now, he won’t be able to – at least not right away. It turns out that Chantel will not be graduating on time because she didn’t complete all the required coursework for the degree. Chantel has wanted to become a nurse, and has been working on her nursing degree ever since her first appearance on “90 Day Fiancé”. Pedro moved to the US so they could marry and so she could concentrate on her schooling. She had just landed a job interview with a medical office where she wanted to work, but now she has to complete another semester of courses and won’t be able to work.

Pedro Jimeno Was Extremely Disappointed

Pedro was extremely disappointed that the plans he had so carefully laid out weren’t going to come to fruition as quickly as he had hoped. Chantel was in tears as he told her how disappointed he was in HER and she let him know in no uncertain terms that was the last thing she needed! She told Pedro she knew he wasn’t proud of her right then, and he admitted he wasn’t proud of her! She was already disappointed in herself, after all. Chantel told him then that she needed him to be proud of her no matter what happened. She stressed she needed unconditional love and support from him, and instead, a thunderstruck Pedro asked her again, “no matter what?!”

'The Family Chantel' News: Pedro Jimeno Not Proud Of His Wife Chantel Everett

This really hit Chantel where it hurt! She felt like his love was based on her performance, and not on her! She continued to cry as she pointed out her friends – her REAL friends – were proud of her still and supported her emotionally. She let him have it then, telling him that he, her HUSBAND, should be the first person to love and support her unconditionally!

Plus, he should know how hard this was for her to have to hear that she couldn’t graduate on his planned timetable! Pedro lashed out, citing his many hours of manual labor and constant work to allow Chantel to pursue her own dreams! He told her she should recognize that! But Pedro sees support financially, and Chantel sees it emotionally, and she told him that he wasn’t giving her the emotional support that she needs.

Pedro still stuck on financial support rather than emotional support, complained he wouldn’t be able to “start his life” as soon as he had planned! He told the TLC producers that he wasn’t happy with Chantel at all. He said he felt disappointed in her because he trusted her that she would try her best and finish school and her degree on his timetable! Chantel then said that while she understood his view of not being able to start his life, because of feeling trapped in the dead-end warehouse job, she still needed his emotional support.

Pedro maintained it’s his turn for school, and getting his own degree. The couple eventually worked things out after a huge fight and Pedro agreeing to support his wife even if things didn’t happen according to his schedule! However, it will continue to be an uphill battle for both of them, both financially and emotionally!

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