‘The Family Chantel’ News: Chantel Everett Gets Into A Huge Argument With Winter Everett

'The Family Chantel' News: Chantel Everett Gets Into A Huge Argument With Winter Everett

TLC’s Family Chantel provides some pre-Christmas drama as Chantel Everett gets into a huge argument with Winter Everett, over of all things, Christmas!

The Family Chantel Plans An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party And Things Get Ugly At The Photo Shoot

The whole family gets together for a photoshoot of an ugly Christmas sweater party, but then things get ugly! Winter has a huge problem, she no longer celebrates Christmas, and she had no idea that the get-together was about Christmas! She doesn’t go along with all the commercialism, the decorations, anything whatsoever. For Chantel and the rest of the family, Christmas has always been a beloved holiday full of gifts, family get-togethers, festive decorations, and all the things Christmas lovers cherish about the holiday.

Chantel then takes exception and reminds Winter that they sat on Santa’s lap when they were little children, and Winter had been excited like any other child. Chantel also tells Winter that up until recently she celebrated the holiday like the rest of the family! Winter, getting increasingly annoyed, tells the cameras that she fails to understand the holiday and what it is about. It’s all about greed, and why do people feel the need to be greedy and outdo one another with gifts? Chantel then accuses her sister of being a hypocrite after Winter wants to change the subject away from Christmas. Then things really start heating up as the two sisters start cutting each other off as they start trying to talk! Winter complains that it’s all Chantel, and she is being rude for cutting her off when she is trying to speak.

'The Family Chantel' News: Chantel Everett Gets Into A Huge Argument With Winter Everett

Chantel Admits To Being Rude

Then Chantel admits that she is being rude to Winter, but it is for her own good. She wants to get through Winter’s thick head that she is going down the wrong path by denying Christmas. She blames Winter’s long term boyfriend, Jah for the changes in her sister. They continue to argue and Jah is pulled into it. He is already a source of tension in the family, with no one other than Winter trusting him. Chantel and their mother, Karen, had actually hired a private investigator to do a background check and found a myriad of undisclosed things in his past, including a child he was paying child support for. Chantel admitted in the past that she didn’t like Winter being with Jah.

She blames him for keeping Winter away from holidays and seeing the family. For Winter’s part, she’s tired of Chantel’s interference and Chantel herself and tells her so! She says she’s really tired of her dragging her around and treating her like a doormat. Chantel tells Winter Jah is the one doing that, not her! Winter stomps out of the room, and Chantel shouts “All because of Christmas”! Winter hears it and shouts back a string of expletives! Fans can only hope that the sisters will be able to reconcile somewhere down the road in the future!

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