‘The Family Chantel’ News: Pedro Finds Out A Secret About Nicole’s New Boyfriend Alejandro Padron

TLC’s “The Family Chantel” star Pedro Jimeno finds out a secret about his sister Nicole Jimeno’s new boyfriend Alejandro, and it’s not a pretty one!

Pedro And Chantel Everett Made A Trip To New York City To Meet Nicole’s New Boyfriend

Big brother Pedro and his wife Chantel Everett both made the trip to New York City to meet Nicole’s new boyfriend, and more importantly, to check him out! Nicole has not had the best luck with men in her life and in her past had made very poor choices. Pedro and Chantel’s trip was supposed to be for her graduation, but checking out Nicole’s boyfriend is a worthy extra-curricular activity while there in town anyway. Pedro and Chantel want to make sure that Nicole doesn’t make one of those kinds of mistakes again.

Nicole has actually known Alejandro Padron for a long time; she met him at a party years ago. He lives in New York City but is also a native of the Dominican Republic. The story is that Alejandro sent Nicole a message on Instagram, and the rest is history. But Pedro takes exception that Nicole apparently doesn’t know very much of Alejandro’s history, so he intends to find out more about him! Pedro and Nicole’s mother is also concerned. So Pedro comes up with a list of questions to ask Alejandro when they meet. The questions run the gamut from small talk type questions to very personal ones involving women!

'The Family Chantel' News: Pedro Finds Out A Secret About Nicole's New Boyfriend Alejandro Padron

Pedro And Chantel Meet With Alejandro

Pedro and Chantel meet up with Alejandro at a restaurant. The restaurant idea is a good one, most people feel comfortable over a meal and tend to open up. Pedro opens up with a rather unusual question – he wants to know if Alejandro paints his beard! That doesn’t seem like a question that would put one at ease! Chantel intervenes, and tells him to go by the questions he wrote down on the list. Alejandro says he’s open to questioning. Pedro remarks on how confident that Alejandro seems. He also remarks that Alejandro seems to be a different type of man than Nicole has dated previously, remarking the others were athletic types who played baseball.

That could certainly be taken as a macho “dig”! Alejandro doesn’t care, he knows he makes Nicole happy. Pedro tells him he’d better be making his sister happy, or he’ll answer to him! Pedro’s first impression of Alejandro is not all that favorable – to him, Alejandro came off as cocky and conceited. Pedro wants to know if Alejandro intends to get serious with Nicole. Alejandro says he has very serious intentions for Nicole. Then Pedro starts asking about what he does for a living. Alejandro tells Pedro he’s a manager at a telephone company with a side gig as a bartender.

The questions keep coming, including about Alejandro’s citizenship status and how long he’s been in the United States. Alejandro says he’s been in the United States for five years. Pedro asks how he got to the US. He says he came on a tourist visa and then he got married, in a manner that he would talk about something trivial! Then the bombshell comes – he’s STILL married! This certainly isn’t going to give a good impression, talk about putting the cart before the horse!

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