’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Josh Seiter Accused Of Cheating On Yolanda Leak

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé-Before The 90 Days” star Yolanda Leak has a new man, but rumors of Josh Seiter cheating on her have led her fans to ask some hard questions about their relationship.

Yolanda Leak Previously Had Been The Victim Of A Catfishing Scheme

Viewers will recall that Yolanda previously had been the victim of a catfishing scheme, where her online relationship had been with someone only known as “The Williams”. This happened in season four of the show. Her new squeeze, a former exotic dancer and alumni of the ABC reality show “The Bachelorette” is 33 years old and began dating the 52-year-old Yolanda after meeting her on a trip to her hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. They are said to have begun dating each other in the late part of this past August, and very quickly announced their engagement in late September.

Some fans think that was a little too fast to get to know her man, let alone plan a wedding with him! Seiter posted a photo of a ring box, while their relationship remained long distance with him living in Chicago and Yolanda in Vegas. Trouble in long-distance paradise seemed to be happening when a photo surfaced of Seiter in bed with a mystery woman! More recent photos from Seiter’s Instagram show him with an unidentified woman, to which a fan asked if he was done with Yolanda and he replied he wasn’t sure!

'90 Day Fiancé' Spoilers: Josh Seiter Accused Of Cheating On Yolanda Leak

Recently a 21-year-old woman surfaced claiming to be said woman and that she had hooked up with him, having sex on his couch! However, if one reads down in the comments on the photo with the unidentified woman, he says “she’s someone special” but denied moving on from Yolanda. The two do look quite affectionate, however. Someone looking for a hot story lead obviously jumped on that, and a gossipy article was published in “MTO News” on October 16.

Yolanda Leak And Josh Seiter Speak Out

Josh says the engagement is “on hold” while he and Yolanda deal with “this”, referring to the cheating scandal. Yolanda posted a screenshot of the article, commenting that one has to be strong and know that one’s focus always has to be on oneself and one’s significant other. She continues, saying if the focus is not in the right place, it can get lost in the opinions, lies and manipulations of others.

Josh posted a photo of a quote that says “rumors are just rumors” which seemed to be tied to the cheating allegations. Fans who support Yolanda have been suspicious that Seiter is using her for social media exposure and to promote a self-help book he has written and a line of “thigh hugger” shorts. Yolanda too has a line of clothing she is promoting. Time will tell, and fans will just have to see what transpires in the future!

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