’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Money And Family Problems Delay Sumit From Marrying Jenny

Sumit is elated that his divorce was finalized on ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’. But his emotions are tempered by the debt he owes to his father and the seemingly insurmountable ability to gain his parent’s blessing to marry Jenny Slatten.

A tale of three plots emerged, as Anil and Rohit helped Sumit to celebrate the court victory. Viewers recall that a judge’s order caused alleged criminal charges to be dropped in the divorce proceeding because there was no evidence to support the apparently invented claims against Sumit and his family.

The revealed attempt to gain additional money in a settlement was blocked and then followed by a final court date that resulted in the official end of the marriage Sumit’s parents arranged for him. But the resolution of that part of this real-life plot still leaves two others open.

90 Day Fiancé Spoiler Updates

Jenny’s past shock in learning about Sumit’s marriage created natural doubt about whether she should be involved with him. But that skepticism has since passed.

Wanting to see real proof that Sumit was doing all that he could to get a divorce made sense, based on his past withholding of that critical information. So, Sumit first took Jenny with him to his attorney’s office and has kept her fully updated about the process that has now led to him being a single man.

This major first step creates a dynamic that didn’t exist. Rather than speaking theoretically about what could happen if Sumit could cut legal ties to his unwanted wife, he now has a document that allows him to move forward.

'90 Day Fiancé' Spoilers: Money And Family Problems Delay Sumit From Marrying Jenny

Money Issue Can Be Resolved Over Time

Sumit is serious about wanting to pay his father back the twenty-thousand dollars that he owes him. Anil humbled himself by asking family members and friends for money and also went to a bank and took a loan for the balance of the money he’s lending to Sumit to pay off his now ex-wife’s family in order to secure a divorce.

Anil has been trying to instill a sense of adult responsibility into Sumit. That process continued as he told his son that he can’t be focused on Jenny twenty-four seven and needs to not only make ends meet but also earn enough to pay him (Anil) back over time.

Sumit met with Rohit, who has a new business, in order to get a second job. While the amount Sumit will begin earning when he starts in the near future isn’t a lot, at least it’s something.

Anil Volunteers Chilling Statement

Sahna, Sumit’s mother, remains fully opposed to Sumit marrying Jenny, due to the age gap and other factors. Anil also told Sumit that he holds the same view as Sahna.

But Sumit was chilled by something his father added, as they sat by themselves while enjoying what had been a celebratory drink after the court proceeding. Anil said that he and Sahna would legally prevent Sumit from marrying Jenny if they had to.

Anil’s use of the phrase “at any cost” implied that they would risk whatever short-term, or potentially long-term damage might be created with Sumit as a result. Anil’s sobering honesty establishes the next challenge Sumit and Jenny face.

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