’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Yazan Waits For Brittany At Airport, But She’s Not Meeting Him There!

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé-The Other Way” star Yazan Abu Hurira waits for Brittany Banks to arrive at the Jordanian airport, but surprise, surprise, surprise! She’s not meeting him there, she’s meeting her girlfriend Angela and they’re going to do a girls-only trip! This takes place in the next episode, “Fight or Flight!”

Brittany Was Intending To Fly To Jordan To Connect With Yazan, But Things Changed!

Viewers will recall in the most recent episode, Brittany had a good talk with her father, and an emotional goodbye to the family dog before catching her flight back to Jordan. She told him that she was going to meet a friend of hers, Angela in Jordan since her father wasn’t able to make it. Angela was going on a separate flight. However, on the way to the airport, Yazan sent a text message with a series of photos of a car with major front end damage to one side, and a cryptic text about her being responsible because he bought the car for her so that she would be in good standing in Jordan!

She texted back that she had nothing to do with the purchase of the car or the wreck! The preview picks up with Yazan calling Brittany while she is still in the car on the way to the airport where she is to depart for Jordan, and they get into a huge argument! Brittany was iffy about marrying Yazan to begin with, as she told her father. She was going to make sure that she didn’t make a mistake and wanted to check things – and him – out more thoroughly before making any major decisions. But after this call, with Yazan going ballistic and yelling at her and blaming her for various and sundry things, she had enough! She almost backed out of the flight entirely!

'90 Day Fiancé' Spoilers: Yazan Waits For Brittany At Airport, But She's Not Meeting Him There!

Brittany Decides To Take The Flight Since Angela Was Taking Her Flight

Brittany ultimately decides that since her best friend Angela was flying to Jordan to meet her, she should go ahead and go. However, instead of meeting Yazan there, she is meeting Angela. She decides that the two will go on a girls-only trip because she is more than done with Yazan. She would have to make too many changes to herself, which she is not willing to do, there would be too much friction with his parents and his culture which they expect her to adhere to. Plus, one reason she was hesitant about flying in was remembering the last time that he picked her up at the airport – he again went ballistic and called her names, and it was all over something normal in America.

She only had a bottle of vodka in her luggage and had hugged the TLC production crew, but there was nothing sexual about it – she was just being a friendly person and she’s a hugger. Yazan and his family are way too worried about what strangers might think. Of course, she doesn’t yet know that Yazan had death threats even from his own father over if the two continued together so it’s for the best for his sake anyway if she breaks up with him formally. In a commercial preview of the next episode, it also shows Yazan lurking at the airport, looking for Brittany; but she’s not looking for him, she’s looking for Angela!

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