‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ News: All About The Couples And Mamas

TLC’s I Love A Mama’s Boy news reveals  “90 Day Fiancé” fans may be shocked to see that there are mother-son pairs who way outdo Colt Johnson and his mother Debbie Johnson! She may be overprotective and interfering, but these mothers are joined to their sons at the hip, with the wives and girlfriends feeling like third wheels!

Jason And Justina – And Jason’s Mother Annette

The only engaged couple on this show are Jason and Justina – and they have been together for six years. They have a two year old daughter who is adorable and named Taylor, and they have not married yet. That is probably because of the intrusiveness of Jason’s mother Annette! The 49 year old Annette recently put a tracking device on her son – apparently with his permission – so that she can track his every move! Jason looks to his mother for approval of all his major life decisions. Justina apparently has accepted that Annette is going to be part of their lives, a very intrusive part, until the day she dies. But Justina is beyond frustrated that Annette has her own ideas about how the wedding she is trying to plan for herself and Jason should be, right down to the vows and what bride and groom should wear! Annette doesn’t need Justina’s help, after all, she is planning her own wedding all wrong, as far as Annette is concerned!

Mike And Stephanie – And Mike’s Mom Liz

When Mike and Stephanie met, Stephanie knew right away he was the man of her dreams. Then the future mother in law of her nightmares showed up – all the time! Stephanie says everything about their relationship is perfect – except his mother Liz! Liz is obviously attached to Mike in an unhealthy way, her husband having passed away when Mike was only a third-grader. Liz became Mike’s best friend and confidant in an effort to be his father and his mother. She made her son her priority and has never looked back. That was fine when he was a young boy growing up, but now he’s a grown man and they party together on the weekends.

Stephanie and Mike have plenty in common, both 26 years old and would have plenty of company with each other without Liz being so closely involved. It is one thing for a couple to invite a single parent along on a cruise, but Stephanie found herself as a guest on Mike and Liz’s cruise! After Stephanie and Mike moved in together, she realized that she would hit nothing but roadblocks on the way to their happily ever after, all of them named Liz! Liz barges into their home unannounced at any time with no notice, usually bringing what she considers healthy foods to make sure Stephanie isn’t leading Mike down a nutritional road to an early death!

'I Love A Mama's Boy' News: All About The Couples And Mamas

Shekeb, Emily – And Shekeb’s Mom, Laila

Laila is the one mommy who has not been diplomatic in voicing her disapproval of her son’s love interest. She cannot get past the fact that Emily is not Muslim, nor is she the type of girl she wants her son to settle down with! Shekeb loves Emily and Emily wants to move in together, after dating for two years now. But Laila constantly tries to break the couple up by telling Emily in no uncertain terms to stay away from her son, and Shekeb finds himself in a tug of war emotionally because he loves Emily and his mother.

Matt, Kim – And Matt’s Mom Kelly

Of all the couples with a third wheel mama on this show, this is the one Sigmund Freud would be quite disturbed over! Matt’s relationship with his mother is more like a relationship with a girlfriend – even though he says he loves Kim and asked her to move in. They have been together three years living together – with Kelly! Matt and Kelly do everything together and sometimes invite Kim along! The mother and son watch tv together – holding hands! They go to a spa together and hold hands across the massage tables! Matt recently decided to surprise Kim with some sexy lingerie, and picked out a lacey silk robe for Kim – and bought herself one to match! The saleswoman was appalled! Kim and Matt have since bought their own home but it’s right behind Kelly’s and Kelly is now at their house more than she is at her own!

“I Love A Mama’s Boy” comes on TLC at 10:00 PM EST Sunday nights, after “90 Day Fiancé-The Other Way” and “90 Day Fiancé-The Other Way Pillow Talk”. Keep checking back here frequently for all your fave reality shows on TLC and all the gossip and news about your faves!

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