‘The Family Chantel’ News – Winter Reveals How Comparisons To Her Sister Chantel Affected Her

TLC’s “The Family Chantel” star Winter Everett has been having quite the family feud with her sister Chantel Everett recently, even about Christmas and ugly sweaters! Now she reveals how comparisons to her sister have affected her growing up.

‘The Family Chantel’ News: Winter Opens Up About Being Compared To Chantel

Winter opens up about being compared to Chantel as they grew up and how it has affected her in a preview of the upcoming episode. She had been trying to work things out with her longtime boyfriend Jah, and Chantel and their mother, Karen, were worried about Winter because of her bad choices in men.

They hired a private investigator who found out that Jah has a son with another woman that he didn’t reveal to Winter. Winter obviously didn’t take that news too well, and moved back in with her parents. The topic is still a major sore spot.

The family got into a huge argument with Winter over a planned Christmas get-together and an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Winter became a cancel Christmas devotee after being exposed to Jah’s opinions, and considers all the commercialism surrounding the holiday a turn off.

Chantel didn’t react well, reminding Winter that she’d sat on Santa’s lap just like the rest of them when she was little, and looked forward to opening Christmas presents. Winter didn’t want to talk about it and said Chantel was rude, and Chantel admitted it. Chantel said she was rude because she was trying to get a point across to Winter. Chantel felt Jah had changed her sister for the worse.

‘The Family Chantel’ News: Winter Stomps Out Of The House

After Chantel kept arguing about family Christmas traditions and invoking Jah’s name in regards to Winter’s being changed, Winter had enough and stomped out of the house! As she was leaving, she shouted at Chantel, telling her she was really tired of her dragging her around, treating her like she was an (expletive) doormat. She screams at Chantel as she continues down the hallway, “All because of Christmas!”

'The Family Chantel' News – Winter Reveals How Comparisons To Her Sister Chantel Affected Her

She eventually comes back and calls Chantel a dumb biotch, and an effing one at that! She tells her she didn’t really want to go to the club with Chantel, and thinks that Chantel wants her to be a cookie cutter version of her! They go outside and Winter apologizes and says it’s too much. She doesn’t know what else Chantel expects from her. Chantel tells her she wants a relationship with her sister.

Winter says she’s always wanted that relationship – but never had it when she was young. Chantel explains that was why she invited Winter to the club – to try and build a relationship with her. Winter says the two of them are very different, but questions why they cannot love each other being different. Winter talks to the cameras, and tells them always being compared to Chantel growing up was damaging to her – she was always trying to change the way she looked by using makeup and said she hated her hair.

Winter admits she and Chantel’s relationship is always evolving and changing. They weren’t close when they were younger, and especially not around the time they were going through puberty. She was always compared to her sister and she did a lot of things to make herself look different because she’s not her. The constant comparisons hurt Winter’s self-esteem.

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