‘Little People, Big World’: Will Lilah Roloff Need Eye Surgery To Correct Strabismus?

TLC Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that Tori and Zach Roloff’s baby girl Lilah Roloff has strabismus which is a not uncommon eye condition. The condition is sometimes called “lazy eye” since it causes an eye to not look straight ahead.

Her parents have been aware of her condition but were hoping she would simply grow out of it. In the meantime they are using correctional lenses in an attempt to speed things along.

Will LPBW’s Lilah Roloff Need To Undergo Eye Surgery?

According to an online post from mom Tori, “we’re trying glasses to hopefully fix her lazy eye and avoid surgery!!” Tori told fans that her baby appears to have no problem wearing them which is a huge relief.

Many babies experience strabismus but it appears now that it won’t correct itself without an intervention. Lilah’s parents are hoping that the glsases work because if they don’t the tot faces a more invasive fix. That’s because she may need to undergo eye surgery to correct her strabismus.

Little People, Big World Star Tori Roloff Is Telling Fans About Lilah Roloff’s Eye Condition

On Friday, Tori posted several pics of adorable Lilah to her Insta. The little blue-eyed baby was modeling her tiny pink eyeglasses and she seemed to like them—at the very least she was leaving them alone!

The glasses may look fashion forward but they are designed to correct vision problems. Tori captioned the pics, “Girlsie got herself some new accessories!! 👓.”

Children often outgrow strabismus in their first three months but Lilah is closer to a year. At this point she could develop a more severe symptom that makes her condition more pronounced; in this case surgery is the corrective option.

Will Baby Lilah’s Special Pink Glasses Help Her To Correct “Lazy Eye?”

Of course LPBW fans were quite taken with the baby’s cute glasses. They fit her perfectly and make her sweet face look even more adorable. One fan likened her to an actual doll when she is wearing her glasses and many fans voted her latest look as too cute.

Other fans shared their stories of having strabismus, describing the options they tried to correct their condition. Some fans reported undergoing surgery as adults and said they had success correcting their strabismus. We will keep you updated on Lilah’s condition and how her parents choose to treat her strabismus as more information becomes available.

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