‘Sister Wives’ News: Mykelti Padron Pregnancy Shamed, Cleverly Sends Troll Slithering Away In Embarrassment

TLC Sister Wives star Mykelti Padron is currently 18 weeks pregnant. Like many expectant moms, she has been sharing photos of her growing belly bump. However, there is always someone who thinks they know more than doctors. The troll tried to pregnancy shame Mykelti, but it didn’t work. Instead, the cyberbully was the one slinking away in embarrassment.

Everyone Thinks They Know Everything

For centuries, there have been people who seem to think they know everything. They try to bestow their miraculous wisdom on everyone they encounter, whether they know that individual or not. With the digital age, it has only gotten worse because these people can disguise their attacks with “advice.”

Since Internet users can be anonymous, they never really stick around to be called out, educated and can disappear. Knowing they will never be identified as THAT person, trolls feel powerful about saying things that they would never dare utter to someone’s face. However, people are getting better about counterattacking and shutting down cyberbullies.

Sister Wives: When Concern and Advice Turns Into Shaming

Let’s make one thing clear. A lot of people deny shaming others and claim they are just “concerned” or trying to help but giving “advice.” Now, if this were really the case, then they would send a private message. When one does it on a social media site that has millions of users, then it’s really an attempt to embarrass or insult a complete stranger.

It’s rather egotistical to think that you are somehow more credible than a doctor. Hundreds of random strangers comment on reality star’s social media posts. Why anonymous trolls think their one tiny opinion matters to someone they don’t know is beyond me.

 'Sister Wives' News: Mykelti Padron Pregnancy Shamed, Cleverly Sends Troll Slithering Away In Embarrassment

Mykelti Padron Pregnancy Shamed

Recently, Mykelti shared her baby bump to her fans and followers. However, there had to be that one comment. The 24-year-old was basically informed that she was risking her child’s life by coloring her hair. Now, Mykelti never said anything about her hair and it didn’t look like it had a fresh dye job. Instead of accusing Mykelti of harming her baby, maybe just write “congratulations.”

Sending Troll Slithering Away In Embarrassment

The Sister Wives star didn’t hesitate to reply to the know-it-all. She bluntly informed the commenter, “That would be why you can see my roots from a mile away.”

Now, even if Mykelti did dye her hair, it’s not really anyone’s business. Most pregnant women get their doctor’s advice before doing things like that. Some doctors advise against it, but others say it’s safe as long as there is adequate ventilation. Now, if this person was really concerned about Mykelti’s baby, she could have sent a private message or phrased it more politely. Or better yet, worry more about yourself instead of a reality star’s hair color. They are more than capable of getting the advice of a “real” expert… their doctors.

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