’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Biniyam Meets Ariela’s Father Fred For The First Time, Will Daddy Approve?

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé-The Other Way” star Biniyam Shibre is very nervous about meeting Ariela Weinberg’s father Fred Weinberg for the first time as he and Janice Weinberg come to Ethiopia in an upcoming episode of the show!

Biniyam Had Never Met Ariela’s Father, Although He Had Met Her Mother

Biniyam confesses he was very nervous about meeting Ariela’s father for the first time. Viewers will recall he met Janice, Ariela’s mother, previously when she came to check out hospitals, apartments, and other things a new mother would need. They even went to the club where Biniyam dances with a partner at night, one of his jobs. This time, Janice is coming to meet her new grandson Aviel, and Fred is coming with her.

In the preview, he heads to the airport to pick them up. Ariela waits in the lobby of the hotel where they will be staying, with their newborn son Aviel in her arms. Ariela tells the cameras that while she waits, Biniyam is going to pick them up at the airport, and it’s nerve wracking for Ariela that at the time, she and Bini are not in such a good place. She worried that it wouldn’t bode well for the rest of the trip. Ariela’s post-partum hormones were undoubtedly in play at the time!

Biniyam Meets Ariela’s Father Fred For The First Time, Will Daddy Approve?

She had recently given birth via emergency c-section, and her parents weren’t able to get there in time on such short notice. Now they are coming to meet the baby and spend time with Ariela and Biniyam and get to know Biniyam better. Biniyam, waiting for their arrival outside the airport, tells the cameras that Ariela has told him a lot about her father.

He knows Fred Weinberg is a wealthy physician and while Biniyam is anxious to meet him, he is nervous because he wants to make a good impression on him and a perhaps better one than he made on Janice her first trip. He wants them to be assured that their daughter and grandson are happy living with him there in Ethiopia!

Biniyam Worries About What Ariela’s Parents Will Think Of Him

Biniyam worries about what Fred and Janice will think of him, and if they will like him or Ethiopia. Ariela is homesick and misses them, and he’s afraid she might decide to return to the United States with them and their baby! Having had an ex-wife, Bria, divorce him and keep him from seeing their child, Simon, he’s having déjà vu!

The last thing he wants is to lose another mother and child! But his fears are soon relieved. He stands in the airport with a lovely bouquet of flowers, and they warmly greet him after they leave the airport with their luggage. Janice asks how he is, and remarks how cute Aviel is and tells Biniyam they brought some things for him and Ariela. Biniyam hands Janice the flowers, and extends his hand to Fred, and the two shake hands. Biniyam also has flowers for him, and the two men embrace.

Fred knows exactly who he is, and remarks about him being a real live person instead of just pictures. Janice asks if Fred reminds Biniyam of Ariela. He says he does, noting that she looks like her father. He also thinks Aviel looks like Fred! However, as Biniyam continues calling him “Dr. Weinberg” Janice jokes to her husband that they need to change that! Biniyam explains he is being respectful and admits his nervousness at meeting him the first time.

Fred just wants him to feel at ease, and teases that if he continues to call him “Dr. Weinberg” he’ll be the one who’s uncomfortable! Biniyam says in his culture they call fathers in law, or significant others’ fathers in this case, “Dad”. Fred loves it! He says, ok, call me Dad! Biniyam tells him welcome to Ethiopia, “Dad” and Janice his “mom, his sweet mom”!

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