‘Sister Wives’ News: What’s Up With Robyn Brown And Her Revolving Social Media Door?

TLC Sister Wives spoilers reveal that some fans think that show star and Kody Brown wife Robyn Brown has a curious relationship with social media. In the time since she’s appeared on the show she has had a fickle relationship with social media.

In the beginning the lovely brunette was on her socials regularly but now we barely see her. Why?

Why Isn’t Robyn Brown On Social Media As Much As She Used To Be?

Fans will remember how much Robyn used to go after her detractors and let them know all about the drama they were causing in her life with their ugly comments.

She also seemed to enjoy posting about what was going on in her life but that river of information has dried to a trickle. She is the most recent wife to marry Kody Brown on Sister Wives and fans have certainly noticed a distinct change in her online postings. It’s almost as if Robyn Brown has decided to turn her back on something she once seemed to enjoy.

Why Does It Seem Like Robyn Brown Has Walked Away From Social Media?

Her reduction in posting has occurred over the last couple of seasons. Sure, she is still active to some degree, but it’s clear that when she goes post she’s all business, posting about the show. And that is when the show is actually airing, when it goes off so does she, so to speak.

Some Sister Wives fans are now speculating that Robyn Brown only tweets during the show’s airing time frame because she is contractually obligated to do so. Otherwise, how to explain her work stoppage when the show goes dark?

So what was Robyn Brown chatting about before her radio silence? She frequently pulled her man Kody Brown in on the fun as she delivered her insights.


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Robyn Brown Used To Contribute A Whole Lot More To The Sister Wives Social Media Accounts

But in turn fans noticed that while Robyn Brown often gave shout outs to her those in her plural marriage, really only two of the others talked back to her.

One was her ever-loving hubby Kody Brown and the other was Meri Brown, Kody’s first wife. She was always game to validate Robyn’s posts but not anymore.

To make matters worse, many fans are asking just what in the world does Robyn do if she’s not participating on social media platforms? Ouch. So it could be a double edged sword for Robyn—darned if she does and darned if she doesn’t go online.

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  • November 15, 2020 at 10:58 pm

    ROYBN ruined everything for Meri when Meri had to divorce Kody to adopt Robyns kids. Then Robyn got pregnant by Kody which was something Meri tried to do for a long time. This created the pool of jealousy and emotional pain for Meri. When the catfishing came out about Meri and caused her more emotional pain, neither Kody or Robyn has taken any responsibility in to pushing Meri in that direction. Instead, they go around with their holythier than thou attitude. After all what was Kody doing when he found Robyn. Looking for love from another woman. I do not like Robyn. I am glad Meri has put herself first and is looking for happiness, finally.


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