’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Yazan Believes His Decision Is Right – Family Pressure Impacts His Choices

TLC ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ spoilers document that Yazan Abu Hurira is still deeply in love with Brittany Banks. He’s talked himself into believing that his feelings will be enough to persuade her to change and to convince his family that their assessment of his pursuit of Brittany is wrong.

Yazan’s serious conversation with his brother, Obaida, reinforced the importance of family. No one believes that Yazan should remain with Brittany, but he does. That’s created a passionate response from Yazan’s father, with major implications projected if this dynamic doesn’t shift.

90 Day Fiance – Enough Progress Isn’t Being Made

As viewers recall, Yazan previously asked his uncle, Ibrahim, to serve as a go-between. That brokered talk went well, as Yazan’s parents agreed to allow more time for a final decision to be reached.

The above agreement was based on the expected arrival of Brittany’s father, Gregory, in Jordan within a period of weeks. However, Brittany’s unexpected return to the United States injected doubt into whether the time table would be adhered to.

As viewers know Brittany handled the finalization of her divorce, which she hadn’t mentioned to Yazan, or his family, before departing Jordan. Now, she’s returned with her friend, Angela, after telling her father that she didn’t want him to accompany her yet.

90 Day Fiance – Brittany Banks Possesses Deeper Experience

Brittany has acknowledged on a number of occasions that she loves Yazan. While no one can ever definitively tell what’s in another person’s mind and heart, it seems reasonable to believe that Yazan’s limited relationship experience is impacting his perception of what’s possible.

It’s also fair to note that Brittany has a deeper relationship experience level. She knows what a marriage failure means and doesn’t want to repeat that type of mistake again. That’s why she’s not rushing into marriage with Yazan, as she wants to avoid hurting him, herself, and their families.

Yazan appears to be thinking in terms of an ideal scenario. Brittany is relying on the emotional intelligence she’s gained through the years.

 '90 Day Fiancé' Spoilers: Yazan Believes His Decision Is Right – Family Pressure Impacts His Choices

90 Day Fiance – All Isn’t Lost As Hope Persists

It’s still possible that Yazan and Brittany will marry some day, despite the experience comparisons that have been made. Family ties and their approval is vitally important to both people, which is a significant part of this decision-making process.

Brittany’s family is very concerned for her, has misgivings, but hasn’t forbidden her from marrying Yazan. Yazan’s family is very concerned for him, has misgivings, and his father has forbidden this marriage.

Yazan is adapting to the consequences he feels have been forced on him in order to pursue the woman he loves. Brittany decided to return to Jordan, even though she senses that marrying Yazan isn’t likely. Yet, her arrival appears to leave that door open.

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