‘Little People, Big World’ News: Caryn Chandler Shares Sad News With Her Fans

We all know how hard it can be to lose a loved one. This week, Little People, Big World’s Caryn Chandler is missing a special loved one. She had to say goodbye to her dog Charles. She shared this with her fans on Instagram on Sunday and her fans were sad to see her 15 year old furbaby pass away.

15 Years of Snuggles and Playfulness

Caryn was very upset to post that her Charles had passed away. She wrote on Instagram, “Our sweet boy Charles left us to cross the rainbow bridge today. He was truly the cutest and funniest lil fella! Between our tears we will celebrate the 15 wonderful years of snuggles and joy he gave us. We will miss you terribly, bubba.”

Fans of the show were quick to send Caryn some love and sympathy. Most of her fans said that they were sending love and prayers and hoped that she could cherish all of the good times that they had together. Even Caryn’s daughter, Brittany Chandler, who is not featured on Little People, Big World, commented sending her mom some love and telling her that it was very hard to say goodbye to Charles.

It’s Tough Losing Anyone That We Love Sometimes It Is Even Harder If It Is A Pet

It is incredibly tough losing anyone that we love and if it is a pet, sometimes it is even harder to get through it. Caryn and Matt Roloff spent a lot of time with Charles and we know they are going through a lot of sadness and pain right now.

Some fans of Little People, Big World got a chance to see Charles on the show, but others got Charles confused with Matt’s dog, Lucy. They look similar, but Matt wanted fans to know that Lucy is doing all right, but seems a little sad right now. Her best friend has died so that can’t be easy for her either.

Caryn told her fans that she is heartbroken, but she is taking the time to keep herself occupied and try to grieve in the best ways that she knows how. Keep up with Caryn’s updates on Instagram.

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