‘Sister Wives’ News: Janelle Brown Shows Off First Snow, Fans Suspicious Where She Is

We haven’t heard too much from the Sister Wives since the season ended, but Janelle Brown was quick to show her fans the first snow in Arizona. She was very excited about it and some of her fans think that she was hinting at something else though.

Arizona Weather and the Mountains

When fans first think of Arizona, they think hotter weather and desert type temperatures. Janelle was happy to share the snow pictures with her followers. Janelle shared a picture of the snow and wrote, “Snow came down so heavy and wet that not much ended up accumulating. But Savannah and I still had a fun walk in the first real snow of the season.”

Fans of Sister Wives were excited to see some snow on Janelle’s Instagram pictures. Many of her fans wrote about how they are from Africa or Australia and it was nice to see some real snow. There were also fans that thought Janelle could be back in Utah because they got a lot of snow this year too. These fans think that Janelle is giving hints about how she has moved back to Utah, but Janelle avoided answering those comments.

The rumors are still going around that there will not be another season of Sister Wives. From what we have seen so far, it seems like everyone is just trying to get through the pandemic as best they can. Meri Brown has been taking care of her bed and breakfast in Utah and that is what started these rumors. Fans think that she has moved there for good, but we are not so sure.

No One Has Really Heard From Robyn And Kody Brown Since The Pandemic Began

No one has really heard from Robyn and Kody Brown since the pandemic began and fans think that he has picked her over his other wives. As far as we can tell, nothing has been confirmed about another season yet, but TLC always takes their time making these announcements.

Be sure to keep up with the Sister Wives on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. Hopefully these accounts will give us some insight on what is next.

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