’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Karine Staehle Shocking Changed To Her Look

On TLC’s 90 Day Fiance, Paul and Karine Staehle have had quite the whirlwind relationship. They have been very public about their break ups and also their make ups. The couple took out restraining orders on each other and Paul thought all was lost when Karine told him she would file for custody of their son.

Now the couple is back together and living their best lives in Brazil with her family. They may not have any money, but Karine is changing her look.

What She Got Done

Karine decided that she wanted to get some new beauty enhancements done. Many of her followers think that these could be pretty expensive and aren’t quite sure how she can afford them, but she got them done anyway.

We saw it all when Paul posted a picture of her with her new look. His fans were quick to say things about how the picture looked like she was dead and they didn’t seem too shocked at the fact that he would kill her. Of course, that was merely a joke.

Paul explained what Karine got and some of their fans think she looks great, while others think she looked fine the way she was. She got her eyebrows done and the technique is called ombre shadow. This is when the eyebrows are given a much more dramatic look and there is a bit of pigment left in them. She also got her lips done in a process called lip revitalization.

Her Fans Were Concerned Why She Got All Of This Done While She Is Pregnant

As beautiful as she looks, many of her fans were concerned why she got all of this done while she is pregnant. They thought that she got face fillers too, but it turns out that may be just from the swelling of her face during pregnancy. No matter what she got done, the question still remains on how did they pay for this?

Paul and Karine have been producing Cameos for their fans so that could be one way that they’re making money. They are also living with her parents, so the bills may not be as high as in the states.

To see more of Karine’s look, you can follow her and Paul on their Instagram accounts, where they post pretty frequently.

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