Welcome to Plathville News: A Case of Bad Parenting

The new season of Welcome to Plathville is back on TLC and fans are very excited! This season will show us just how dysfunctional this family is too. Olivia and Ethan Plath will move even further away from Kim and Barry Plath. Lydia Plath will play a huge part in the show this season and she is trying her best, with the help of God, to get her family back together.

Is It Bad Parenting?

Last season, we saw Olivia call Kim and Barry out about how they have sheltered their children to an extent that is much like abuse. They were clueless about the real world and she felt that this was no way to parent their children.

On Tuesday’s episode, Kim made the statement, “Seeds of rebellion and bitterness in younger children” are being planted by Ethan and Olivia. Kim has tried her best to keep her children away from other people that the Plaths don’t know. When her children start to think for themselves, that’s when she tells them that they are turning to evil. This is no way to raise children, right?

Viewers Were Quick To Talk More About Lydia

Viewers were quick to talk more about Lydia and what is her story. Some fans think that it is sad how much work she does around the house and some even asked each other, on social media, if they thought Lydia was the maid. Lydia spends a lot of time in the prayer closet too and fans of the show thought it was creepy to see that. One fan commented, “So, this evil matriarch takes ZERO responsibility for crippling her children…and Lydia must be saved while she still can from the insanity of her family.”

Fans of the show made the comparison of Lydia in the prayer room to Harry Potter living under the stairs. One fan wrote, “When social services finds that room, they’re gonna have a lot of questions once they go through all the scrawling on the wall.” Fans of Welcome to Plathville pretty much think that Kim is to blame for everything that has gone wrong with her children and we will just have to wait and see what happens next week.

Welcome to Plathville airs on Tuesday nights on TLC.

One thought on “Welcome to Plathville News: A Case of Bad Parenting

  • November 19, 2020 at 6:47 am

    The mom looks like she’s in a permanent haze from anti-depressants.
    And you can tell she’s on some sort of medication, as the cracks of her mouth gather that foam only present when a person uses medications.

    She’s far too chill.

    This family look’s like the Third Reich’s wet dreams. Not my cuppa.


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