’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Jenny And Sumit Meet His Parents, Tell Them They Are Marrying, And That’s That!

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé-The Other Way” couple Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh have had a long, hard road to travel on the way to their happily ever after. In the next episode, “The Cost Of Love” they get ready to sit down with his parents and tell them they are getting married – and that’s that!

Jenny And Sumit Talk First To His Brother And His Wife, Amit And Shree

Jenny and Sumit talk first to his brother Amit and his wife Shree, who have come over for a visit at Jenny and Sumit’s apartment. Jenny later reveals she invited them over. They talk about their wanting to marry, and Jenny cries as she hates they have to go through all this and Sumit is happy with her. Amit and Shree look on in support and empathy, although they were shocked when Jenny told them about the planned engagement ring ceremony. Sumit had actually not intended for them to know until after he had a chance to talk to their parents, Anil and Sahna, about their plans.

Amit tells them that he knows they love each other, but love isn’t everything. Amit insists that if they marry without their parents’ approval – which in the previous episode Sumit and Jenny had found out they could – their parents will be two hundred percent unhappy! Amit and Shree then talk to the cameras and Shree says that legally, Sumit and Jenny are adults and can do what they want. However, she thinks they should take the parents’ feelings into consideration and Sumit should tell them before they get married because it would be such a shock to them.

Sumit replies, telling them he had been telling his and Amit’s parents for a long time that he wants to marry Jenny. Shree interrupts, telling him he should still tell them again of their ring ceremony, which is their formal engagement, and marriage plans. The ring ceremony is set for the next day. It will be a big day for everyone concerned, and if Anil and Sahna hear it first from someone else, they will be hurt and there will be more conflict within the family. It is suggested Sumit call them before Amit and Shree leave to go home!

Amit And Shree Put Sumit On The Spot About Telling Their Parents

Then Amit and Shree put Sumit on the spot about his telling their parents – to make a long story short, Amit threatens to tell them if Sumit won’t! Sumit looks sad and nods his head yes. To the cameras, he says it’s really bad because he doesn’t want Amit to tell them about the ring ceremony before he has a chance to talk to them. He wants to explain things to them first. They will be offended and now he won’t get a chance to explain because Amit plans to bust him to their parents! He fears a peaceful conversation will never happen now! Shree acknowledges there will be tension in the family. Jenny suggests they go ahead with it without telling Anil and Sahna.

Shree objects, saying it would be wrong to proceed in that manner. Sumit says it will be difficult. Shree asks if Sumit will call mom and dad today – he nods his head yes. Amit and Shree leave to go home, and Jenny and Sumit talk. Jenny still insists they not postpone the ring ceremony and says she thought she was supposed to invite Amit and Shree.

Sumit says once they know about it from Amit, there will be a fight between Sumit and his parents and it won’t be pretty! To the cameras, Amit acknowledges that his and Sumit’s parents are not mentally ready for this news. Sumit tells Jenny he intended to ask Amit to talk to their parents first and convince them to come over to their home with Amit and Shree so they could tell them about the engagement and wedding plans with Amit and Shree there.

 '90 Day Fiancé' Spoilers: Jenny And Sumit Meet His Parents, Tell Them They Are Marrying, And That's That!

Sumit Tells Jenny He Doesn’t Want To Tell His Parents

To the camera, Jenny says they were going to do the ring ceremony and not tell Sumit’s parents, so they wouldn’t be stopped but now Amit has threatened to tell them if Sumit doesn’t! Sumit tells Jenny he doesn’t want to tell his parents on the phone, it should be in person. He suggests postponing the ceremony but Jenny doesn’t want to. That has happened before, and Jenny is upset! Sumit says if they don’t Amit will tell them first anyway and ruin his plan! Jenny dryly says they can have the ring ceremony after Sumit tells his parents if they are still alive.

Sumit stifles a chuckle. Jenny talks to the camera and says she is fearful and anxious about Anil and Sahna coming over. But she acknowledges it’s not like they’re ever going away, and it’s best to tell them and face the consequences! Jenny and Sumit can legally marry in what is called a “love ceremony” – not an arranged marriage – and there is nothing Anil and Sahna can legally do to stop it. They will have to tell them that they are getting married, and that’s that! It does appear that since the show was taped, they have at least performed the ring ceremony, although Sumit and Jenny have not verified if they have married.

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