Welcome To Plathville: Moriah Plath & Micah Plath Leak Why They Are Happier Without Their Parents

Welcome To Plathville stars Barry Plath and his wife, Kim Plath. They have nine children and are known as one of the most extreme and controversial families on reality TV. The moment two of their children, Moriah Plath and Micah Plath had the chance, they left the family home and rented a home of their own to share.

TLC Welcome To PlathVille – Some Of The Children Want To Be Free

ON TLC’s Instagram account, Moriah opened up today about life with her family and why she is so happy to finally be free.

When Moria was asked about which foods she enjoys now that she was not allowed to have growing up, they are simple things that most of us take for granted every day, “Sushi, salads, chocolate, white chocolate, coffee and vanilla ice cream.”

Moriah went on to say that her goals are to graduate, then move out of that small town, she cannot take it anymore and will do everything and anything to get out of there.

As we saw in last night’s episode, Moriah’s relationship with her mother is strained. She was asked in the interview if she missed living with her family and she gave a flat-out no. But, she does miss them.

Welcome to Plathville – Where Does Moriah Plath Go From Here

Her dream job is to record her own music, she has written so much and she is dying to get into the studio, performing and directing writing. Although, is her top dream job, travelling is always there too, with dance and acting.

Micah was asked what is the best thing about moving out of his parent’s house? “The biggest one would be Freedom, blazing my own trail, not having someone staring you down all the time; I just felt so stuck in my parent’s house. Moving out is the best thing that I have ever done.”

And, what upcoming things is he most excited about? “I would have to say travelling, it is a huge passion of mine. There is nothing better than sitting behind the wheel going somewhere you’ve never been, meeting new people, life is just a huge adventure. And, I love adventure, I love the adrenaline, and taking chances, risks. What is the point of living if you don’t have fun, that is what I live by.

Welcome To Plathville – Micah Plath Can’t Keep His Adrenaline Down Now That He Is Free

Micah goes on to say that modelling was his escape. The moment he had the chance, he jumped it, otherwise he still be stuck living with his parents and not been able to explore the world like he is now.

Micah revealed that the thing he loves now that he wasn’t allowed before living with his parents, is simple, food. Besides cooking, anyone that knows him knows that he loves food.

Micah likes simple things, hanging at the beach and bowling. But he also likes anything with adrenaline, he considers himself to be an adrenaline junky.

Meanwhile, Lydia Plath is 15 years-old and has her own challenges. She still lives at home and really likes this boy, but is anxious about telling her parents. The Plath family has no shortage of drama and we cannot wait to see more. The new season is airing now, make sure to check back here more updates, spoilers and recaps.

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