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‘Sister Wives’ News: Christine Brown Has Two Special Memories Of Kody Brown

TLC Sister Wives spoilers tease that show star Christine Brown has been named by fans as the most attentive of Kody Brown’s four wives.

Christine has said that she anticipated that being Kody Brown’s third wife would be a piece of cake, but fans know that is not the case—there’s only so much of Mr. Brown to go around.

Christine Brown Is Kody Brown’s Wife Number Three

That’s because ‘Sister Wives cast member Christine Brown assumed that Kody’s two other marriages were fine and dandy and that the stage had been set for her to breeze in and reap the rewards of the lessons learned by the other women. Not so fast!

Christine herself was raised in a polygamous family and she has never known anything different. When she met Kody Brown she fell hard and had no probs that she would be Wife Number Three.

Christine Brown Met Kody Brown After He Had Two Wives

Christine may have thought she could slip right into a cushy situation but that wasn’t the case as she found out the hard way. The biggest shocker was that Kody Brown and his wives were not exactly in great financial shape. On top of that, the Sister Wives ladies had different ways of doing things which led to tension.

But perhaps the greatest eye-opener for Christine Brown is that Kody kept on acquiring after she became wife number three. Uh oh.

Yep, Kody has as a Wife Number Four (Robyn), he didn’t stop at Christine who would have held pride of place as the youngest and newest Brown wife.

Kody Brown And His Four Wives Star On Sister Wives

Many Sister Wives fans think that Christine wasn’t completely on board with the decision that made her the next to the last wife—was she hoping that Kody would not get married again?

Wife number four is Robyn Brown and she has pointed out that within the church the family belongs to, most plural marriages involve two wives. Apparently three wives are not standard operating procedure and the reality of four wives is about as likely as seeing a unicorn fly by on a rainbow.

But as one of four Christine has learned to cherish the moments she has with her husband.

In particular, she has shared that she was thrilled when Kody bought her an expensive outfit even though they couldn’t afford it. Another special memory came when Kody chose her as the wife to accompany him on a work trip. It sounds like Christine has learned to accept a quarter-time husband and if she is ok with it, that’s all that really matters.

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