Little People Big World News: Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler Escape After Farm Drama With Amy Roloff

TSV Little People, Big World cast news, Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler, who have been dating for four years, spent some time getting sun in Surprise, Arizona and are there for Thanksgiving; Caryn was Matt’s assistant for over a decade before the two started dating.

Roloff Family News – Caryn’s Family Joins Her In Arizona

I guess the pandemic is not that bad in Arizona, Caryn’s daughter, Brittany, is on her way to join Caryn and Matt. Caryn has said that it is important to her to strengthen her relationship with her daughter as she continues to get closer to Matt and plan their future together, “It’s really important to me to have relationship with them, and I know they would like that as well.” What better way to bond than spending the holidays with each other.

It’s no surprise that Mayy and Carynn are enjoying their time away, the months leading up to Amy Roloff vacating the family home were very stressful for the two. Caryn has been very vocal about the fact that the attention Matt was spending on Amy wasn’t fair to her and at times, and it seemed that he was still married to her. In fact, for many months, while Matt and Amy argued about the farm, Caryn was stuck in the middle. Arizona must be a real breath of fresh air for Caryn.

Little People Big World News – Family Drama

This is not the first time that Little People, Big World cast members Matt and Caryn have taken off to Arizona, the two purchased the home from her parents back in 2018 and consider it to be their vacation getaway. Matt has said that the home is the perfect escape for him.

Meanwhile, Matt’s former wife, Amy Roloff has finally moved out of the family home and moved into her own new home after receiving a payout of $667 thousand dollars from Matt. Amy is engaged to realtor Chris Marek and she confessed on Facebook, “We had someone that worked for us for a very long time on our farm. And I believe, and this is all from my perspective—that there was more than just friends going on.” She was speaking about Caryn, but it now appears that everyone is happy with their new respective others, and that is what counts.

Roloff Family News: Where Do The Roloffs Go From Here

If you watch Little People, Big World, you know that Amy Roloff loves to cook. Between setting up her new home with Chris, she is spending time on her small business where she shows fans the meals that she loves to cook for her family.

Matt and Caryn are also happy, in fact, Matt would entertain marriage but Caryn wants to take it slow. Now that Amy is further out of the picture, perhaps these two will get hitched as well. Could there possibly be a double Roloff marriage in the future? We will have to wait and see.

Check back for more Roloff Family updates. In the mean time, the latest Little People Big World news and spoilers can be found here.

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