‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ News: Chase Severino Ruins Whitney’s Other Relationships

On TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life, we have seen Whitney Way Thore in a lot of friendships and one big relationship. One of her major friendships is with Buddy Bell. Many viewers of the show think that her ex-fiance, Chase Severino is to blame for ruining their friendship.

This Season’s Surprises

This season of the show has had a lot of surprises so far and we will see how Chase broke things off with Whitney. We will see Whitney and her friends planning her big wedding and then we will see it all come crashing down when Chase calls her to tell her that he has cheated on her with another woman and she is pregnant! She was shocked and devastated by this.

One of her friends that has stuck by her through it all is Buddy. When she got engaged to Chase, it seemed that she stopped hanging out with Buddy and pretty much left him high and dry. Now that Chase and Whitney are broken up, does this leave room for Buddy to come back into her life?

Many Viewers Thought That Their Relationship Was Too Close

When Buddy and Whitney would hang out, many viewers thought that their relationship was too close and they thought that they should get together and not her and Chase. They would snuggle in the bed and on the couch just like a couple in love. Buddy would also sit around her house in his boxer shorts and that was when Chase had had enough! Some fans of the show think that Chase told Whitney to drop Buddy as a friend or else.

It is clear that Buddy’s feelings were hurt in some sort of way by Chase and Whitney’s relationship. In the latest episodes, Whitney continues to reach out to Buddy, but from the looks of it, he doesn’t have it in his heart to forgive her right now. What will happen with their friendship now that Chase is gone?

Be sure to keep an eye on My Big Fat Fabulous Life this season on TLC and keep up with Whitney on her Instagram account.

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