‘Sister Wives’ News: Christine Brown’s Buns Mean The End? Her Public Message To Kody Brown

TLC Sister Wives fans believe that Kody Brown hasn’t just lost Meri Brown. He may also have lost Christine Brown. There is a recent real estate transaction and a post by Christine that has fans connecting the dots. So, is the reality TV personality really venturing out on her own and ending her polygamous relationship? Keep reading to get the details.

Meri Brown Goes Her Own Way

Even though it has never been outright confirmed, Kody and Meri seem to have gone through separate ways. She has been spending a lot of time working on her B&B in Utah. She stopped wearing her wedding ring. Father’s Day had her only mentioned her own dad and not a word about Kody. Their anniversary passed without either of them saying a word.

Sister Wives: Arizona House Sold

According to The Sun, Christine got a loan for $394,000, which was or the home she shared with Kody. Then in late August, Kody transferred the property to Christine, who is not his legal wife. On the legal documents, Kody is listed as the grantor while Christine is the grantee. This means that Kody sold the house to Christine and remember, they are not married under the law, which matters in real estate transactions.

Kody Brown: Taxes And Loans

Now, there could be a reason that Kody and Christine did this that might have nothing to do with their relationship. Tax season is coming up and if anyone is going to make any changes for tax benefits, it needs to be done by December 31, 2020.

It could also have been done to get rid of an asset under Kody’s name. That is beneficial for financial reasons, if he’s going to file for bankruptcy yet again or is trying to get more loans. Assets are considered “income” in some cases. Of course, if payments are being made on the property, then it’s an additional expense. Therefore, it could prevent Kody from obtaining a loan because his expenses are too high for his income.

Christine Brown’s Subtle Message

However, Sister Wives fans don’t think it has anything to do with taxes or loans. Some are convinced that Christine might be ending her relationship with Kody. The speculation comes after an Instagram post about buns. Yes, buns.

“Seriously!! @kodywinnbrown!! Eat the whole roll! Not just the top!! Are you 10! #kids #pickyeaters #thanksgiving #rolls #howoldareyou.”

Some of Christine’s followers believe that this was Christine’s subtle message that the relationship was over.

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