’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Deavan Clegg’s Wedding Is Full Of Twists And Turns

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé-The Other Way” star Deavan Clegg’s wedding day to Jihoon Lee has finally come, but it is full of twists, turns and tension in the upcoming episode, called “Don’t Stop Fighting”!

The Wedding Venue Is Not What Deavan Wanted

Fans will recall that Deavan wanted a lavish wedding with a large reception like any American bride would, but in South Korea, weddings are not done that way! The venue is like a wedding factory; marrying couples are rushed in and out every forty-five minutes and it’s like being on a production line! She tells the beauticians who are getting her ready – very quickly – that she didn’t sleep much the night before because of anxiety over the wedding. She says her wedding day is supposed to be her special day, and the bride is supposed to know everything that is going on very specifically.

She had wanted to plan her own wedding but was not allowed to plan anything. Jihoon’s parents, Hong Ju and Jung, had found the venue and set the whole thing up. She’s grateful, but the fairytale wedding she wanted is just not going to happen the way that she always dreamed of! She doesn’t know if she and Jihoon will be making vows, or kissing, or anything. She knows there is an aisle and a stage and it looks more appropriate for a fashion show than for a wedding ceremony!

The Rest Of The Small Wedding Party Get Ready

In the meantime, the bride and groom’s mother and the groom get ready. Jung calls Elicia through the translator device and asks how she’s doing, she says “thumbs up”. Jihoon is nervous but excited. Deavan says everyone at the wedding is getting hair and makeup done, including the men!

Her dad, Steve, jokes about getting his eyebrows done! Deavan says that’s not unusual in Korea, but it is a first for her dad! Jihoon tells Steve that he looks like Brad Pitt! Jihoon says he means he looks very manly and Steve thanks him and grins, followed by a beautician applying lip powder. Finally done with her makeup and hair, Deavan gets help getting into her wedding dress as Jihoon puts on a suit.

Even little Drascilla gets the royal treatment with her hair being styled in curly pigtails and wearing an adorable flowered dress with a huge bow in the back. Hong Ju and Jung sit on a bench with baby Taeyang, who also gets a tiny suit! Raven, Deavan’s younger sister raves about Elicia as she comes out dressed in her mother of the bride dress, saying she looks so good! Finally, Deavan comes out in her wedding dress, a beautiful bride as Elicia takes photos and tells Drascilla her mom looks like a princess.

But with all the stress, twists, turns, and tension of pulling off a wedding and reception in only forty-five minutes, Deavan is still not happy that the wedding is not what she always dreamed of! What really gets her upset is that she just has gotten fully dressed for her wedding and they have to vacate the room for another bride who has to get ready for her wedding!

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