‘Little People, Big World’ Update: Amy Roloff Opens Up About Children

TLC Little People, Big World news reveals Matt and Amy Roloff have four children together. Molly, Jacob, Jeremy, and Zach Roloff have all been on LPBW and after 20 seasons of the show, Amy has started reflecting more about her children. Zach and Tori Roloff are the only part of the family that are still on the show and Amy is happy that her grandchildren are as well.

Amy’s Relationships With Her Children

Amy has started talking more and more about the injuries that her kids have sustained in their lives and she is surprised that they haven’t had more. Jacob left the show shortly after it began and many of the viewers think he is the black sheep in the family. He has very strong opinions about the show and he isn’t afraid to share them. During the second season of the show, Jacob was injured and Amy recalls that moment very well.

Little People, Big World cast member Jacob was hauling some wood for his parents and he cut up the side of his body from it. He kept going though and his parents thought he would be fine. Then we saw him fighting with his siblings and he stepped on a nail, probably because he was very distracted by the fight.

Amy has said that growing up on a farm, she always thought her kids would have gotten injured more often than they did. She told fans, “When you’re living on a farm, I mean, you know, boys will be boys. I’m just really amazed that my boys haven’t gotten hurt more.”

The Kids Did A Lot Around The Farm When They Were Younger

It does seem like the kids did a lot around the farm when they were younger and played around a lot of lumber and other tools. Do you think that they should have gotten injured more than they did? Do you think that Amy’s grandchildren will also be at risk for all of these injuries? It looks like the Roloff children were very careful, even when they were playing around lumber and nails.

We hope that Jackson and Lilah Roloff don’t follow in Uncle Jacob’s footsteps and make some safe choices while they play on the farm.

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