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’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Family Drama Blocked As Sumit and Jenny Wed?

’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ spoilers reveal in India Sumit Singh faces what he feels is a needless choice.  He can retain a connection to his parents, Anil and Sahna, or marry Jenny Slatten in a secular ceremony that bypasses their approval and lose them forever.

Another intense encounter with Sumit’s parents was different than one that happened recently because Jenny was present. She felt the chill of Sahna’s stare during that meeting, which nearly broke Jenny’s hopes for the future.

90 Day Fiance – Sumit Singh’s Attempts To Remain Calm Fail

Sumit advised Jenny that he felt an inner calm before they were set to welcome his parents to their home. Jenny didn’t share his chosen approach.

While Sumit was able to retain his composure for awhile, Sahna and Anil’s chiding eventually wore him down. He got on his knees and pleaded for his mother to recognize that he’d found a remedy for the pain he suffered because of the marriage they arranged for him.

Sumit also was shown crying while embracing his father, who spoke with particular harshness about Jenny’s age and those who are decades older than her.

90 Day Fiance – Amit And Sharee Represent Stark Contrast

One of the apparent reasons why Sumit’s parents harbor the feelings about Jenny that they do involves their other son, Amit. He and Sharee recently married. They are in the same age bracket.

So, the contrast between what Amit was able to accomplish, in marrying someone in his age range and his open happiness, is a natural example that Anil and Sahna are using as a contrast.

Subjective viewer takes naturally allow people to sympathize with Sumit, or empathize if they were, or are, in a similar situation. However, while Anil and Sumit’s numerous personal comments about Sumit and Jenny crossed a decency line, their feelings about his future are not irrational.

Anil and Sahna believe that Sumit will be alone again in the not too distant future, which would come after a period where he needed to care for Jenny and potentially, them as well.

 ’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Family Drama Blocked As Sumit and Jenny Wed?

90 Day Fiance – Currency Implies That Relationship Deepens

The advanced shooting schedule for this very popular TLC series means that viewers who follow social media know that Sumit and Jenny are still together. But fans naturally haven’t been allowed to learn whether they’ve gotten married since the last episode of this season, which will be shown on November 29, is shown.

The legal knowledge that was gained by Sumit and Jenny, regarding their ability to marry without his parent’s approval, shifted the trajectory of this reality storyline. Sumit’s attempt to obtain what would be his parent’s blessing felt like the end of his efforts to secure approval.

Anil and Sahna have made their choice strongly known. Sumit’s feelings for Jenny haven’t changed. Now, viewers will learn whether he has already married Jenny, or if this couple is still together in India as hopeful spouses.

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