‘Sister Wives’ News Update: Kody Brown Signs Over Christine Brown’s House To Her

Why would Kody Brown, from TLC’s Sister Wives 2020, sign over Christine Brown’s house to her? Many fans think that they are splitting up and this was why he did it. He bought the house for her and her children and hasn’t spent much time there lately. We haven’t seen a lot of him at all these days. Has the pandemic made him pick his favorite wife?

Christine Shuts Down Rumors

There have been a lot of rumors about all of the properties that Kody purchased for his wives. The house that Christine owns now was signed over to her on November 6. She is now the only person on the deed to the home, but fans are beginning to think that something is up with this. Could things be going south for Kody and Christine?

Sister Wives cast member Christine does a lot of live streams for her LulaRoe business and as the first wife, she gets a lot of comments and questions about what Kody is up to these days. Part of this came in the form of rumors that they had split up. On her most recent live stream, she made sure to show off her wedding band to her followers. This was her way of telling her fans that the couple was still together. Crazy thing is, Meri Brown was seen on her live streams without her ring.

There Are Many Reasons Kody Brown Could Have Signed Over The House

Aside from divorce, there are many other reasons that Kody may have put the home in Christine’s name. Many think it is because he is in such financial trouble that he needs to get these properties out of his name. He is currently paying for two mortgages, two rents, and owns the property at Coyote Pass that is still sitting vacant. Fans think that by putting the house in Christine’s name, he could be moving the tax burdens off of himself and onto Christine.

There have also been a lot of rumors going around that the Browns could be filing bankruptcy. They have been in some serious debt for years now and it seems like they just can’t get out of it. They don’t talk about their finances publicly, so this could also be a rumor.

Be sure to keep an eye on Christine and Kody to see what happens next in this saga.

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