‘OutDaughtered’ News: Fans Think Quints’ Beauty Could Spell Trouble

Of course, all of the fans of TLC’s OutDaughtered love to give parenting advice to Danielle and Adam Busby. Some of their fans think that the quints are going to be stunning when they get into their teen years and they have been quick to give advice to the Busbys. One fan warned Adam about their good looks.

The Gorgeous Quints

After watching OutDaughtered, we all know just how great the quints’ personalities are. They have really started to grow and blossom into beautiful little girls. This could be dangerous as they start to enter their teen years though. The two girls in question are Olivia and Ava Bubsy. Their fans think that they are going to be drop-dead gorgeous when they get into their teens and this could mean trouble for Adam.

It all started when Adam posted, on November 22, on his Instagram account. He posted a photo of the two girls together and wrote, “My lil stunners.” His fans were quick to point out just how pretty the girls are and how they are just going to grow more and more beautiful. One concerned fan wrote, “Get ready, Adam, and good luck! You are going to have six stunning young ladies in your house. They are all getting more beautiful by the day!”

How Will The Girls Look When They Go To Their Prom

Fans have already started to think about how the girls will look when they go to prom and just what boys are going to think when they see them all together and all grown up. Then we have to think about what happens when they all decide that they are interested in dating all at the same age! Danielle and Adam have their hands full and many fans think that because Danielle is so pretty, her girls are going to be just as beautiful!

It is hard to imagine having teenage girls now, but Adam and Danielle have thought about it all in detail. There seems to be a lot left for them to do and growing is just part of it. We don’t want to rush Adam and Danielle and we hope they are really enjoying their lives with these adorable quints!

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