’90 Day Fiancé’ News: Karine Staehle Has A New Look

Karine and Paul Staehle from TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé, have been through a lot this year. They went Live on Instagram to show a fight that they were having and when the cops showed up, it just got worse. They broke up and got restraining orders on each other, but now that they are back together, they are making a lot of changes to themselves. It seems as if their motto for 2020 is “self-care.”

Karine Staehle’s New Look

The newest post on 90 Day Fiancé cast member Paul’s Instagram is a picture of Karine looking a lot different. She is all dressed up in a bright yellow dress and it appears that her hair is blue. She is showing off her baby bump in the dress, but it looks as if she has new confidence in her. This could be a really good thing for her since the year hasn’t been the best. She is also pictured wearing more makeup than usual and looks pretty good! She looks much better than she has in the past year.

Not only has she gotten her hair done, but she also changed up her eyebrows and went through a process called ombre shading. This process basically uses semi-permanent makeup to make her eyebrows really pop and they do! She also got a lip rejuvenation that gives her lips a much fuller look. When we look at her before and after pictures, we can definitely tell that she is taking care of herself again.

Paul Staehle Shared All The Photos With Fans

It was pretty sweet of Paul to share all of these pictures with his fans. He seems to be very happy with her new look and he has actually started to hone in his looks lately too. The first thing that he has had done is a full chest waxing. 90 Day Fiance Instagram celeb, John Yates, posted the video of Paul enduring the pain of body wax. It is very painful to watch too!

Check out Paul and Karine’s new looks on their Instagram accounts. They have started to post more now that they are back together and in Brazil with her family.

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