‘The Family Chantel’ Spoilers: The Everetts Suffer Culture Shock When They Meet Angenette’s Family

TLC’s “The Family Chantel” stars Chantel Everett, her husband Pedro Jimeno, and her family suffers culture shock when they meet Royal Everett’s wife, Angenette’s family in the Philippines!

The Everetts Arrive In The Philippines

The entire Everett family, including Chantel and her siblings’ mother Karen, arrive in the small town in the Philippines where Angenette is from. Everyone is there. Royal of course is there, Winter, and River. Chantel has had some serious doubts about Angenette on this season’s show. She doesn’t trust her intentions towards Royal (even though the two are already married) and suspects she was just looking for a green card. Now the whole family is going to check out Angenette and her family, to see if Angenette acts any differently on her home turf.

Chantel wants to see if her family is as untrustworthy as she thinks Angenette is as well. Chantel has her whole family skeptical about Angenette! Karen wants to make a good impression so she decides to gift Angenette’s family as a goodwill gesture. Things get very awkward between the two families. Karen gives random gifts to them, as they look at her as if she has antennas coming out of her head! Angenette’s brother is given hair gel, the women cosmetics, and someone gets bracelets Karen pulls off her own wrist! Angenette’s family is rather taken aback, and don’t know how to take the gifting gesture.

'The Family Chantel' Spoilers: The Everetts Suffer Culture Shock When They Meet Angenette's Family

Both Families Experience A Bit Of Culture Shock

Both families experience a bit of culture shock, in different ways on this trip. Angenette’s father tells the TLC cameras that he was shocked when Karen started handing out presents. He really didn’t know what to make of it or why she was doing it. He thought that perhaps they were looking down on them or feeling sorry for them and the gifts were some kind of charity, and he’s not comfortable. Angenette’s mother thought maybe it was some kind of American custom. In the meantime, the Everett family experiences a culture shock of another type when they see how small Angenette’s family’s house is.

More culture shock hits as they walk around the yard. The Everetts are big-city folks, and they see what basically looks like a group of shacks that are called housing in the Philippines. There are farm animals such as ducks, and a goat roaming free which someone who’s never been in the country before would think perhaps was a private zoo. Even Pedro, who comes from the Dominican Republic is shocked! He talks about people all being crowded together and “the campo” where he is from being much cleaner! Pedro says conditions are much better there than where they are now!

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