‘Welcome to Plathville’ News: Olivia Plath Doesn’t Speak With Her Sister

On the TLC hit show, Welcome to Plathville, we have seen Olivia Plath and her husband, Ethan Plath pulling themselves away from Ethan’s parents. It seems that Ethan isn’t the only one who needs space from his family. Olivia has a sister and apparently she hasn’t spoken to her for quite some time.

Olivia’s Younger Sister and Their Drama

Does it surprise us that Olivia is estranged from her sister? Not really, especially after she has practically influenced Ethan to stay away from his parents. Olivia tried her best to be friendly with Kim and Barry Plath, but they don’t like the influence she has on their oldest son. Kim has even said that Olivia’s influence is negative on her family. No wonder she doesn’t want to be around them.

Olivia’s younger sister, Lydia Grace, doesn’t have any type of relationship with Olivia. Olivia has talked about how she was raised and her family has pretty much the same beliefs as the Plaths. This is how she met Ethan and they both have changed their conservative views on things. On the latest episode of Welcome to Plathville, there was a picture of Olivia with her family, but there was a face that was blurred out.

Her Sister Told An Interviewer Surprising Info

Her sister was asked to do an interview, but apparently Olivia asked them not to talk to her sister about her. She told the interviewer that they have not spoken to one another for years because of their views and how much Olivia has changed. Olivia does want to protect her family, especially since she is on the show. She wants her family out of the public eye and doesn’t want anyone giving the bad press. She has told fans that her family is incredibly private and she won’t do anything to put them at risk.

Although Lydia does want to tell her side of the story, she remains quiet about it all.

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