My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Way Thore’s New No BS Active Video

We have been following Whitney Way Thore on My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC. Whitney’s claim to fame came from her weight loss company called No BS Active. Now that she is single, she has had more time to focus on her business. She has had many business partners and it does seem that she is no longer partnered with Ryan Andreas. What is happening with her business now?

Whitney Has Her Eyes on the Prize

It seems that Ryan and Whitney dropped their business ties sometime during the quarantine. There were a lot of issues that happened with them during this time and Whitney seemed to be very focused on her relationship with Chase Severino. Then they broke up and things just fell apart for her.

Whitney has found a new business partner, Jessica Powell. Jessica has appeared on My Big Fat Fabulous Life a few times so for fans of the show, she is a very familiar face. Whitney made a video for her Instagram account to show off her new partnership and her Black Friday deals.

Whitney Wanted To Share With Her Fans This New Partnership

Whitney wanted to share with her fans this new partnership and celebrate getting the business going once again. The video showed the women posing together while they were exercising. One of the photos that they took together looks as if they are doing some very sexy dancing and the other photos show them working out on the weight bench. Whitney is doing her best to get her business up and running again and it seems as if this is her way of doing it.

On her Instagram account, Whitney told her fans that she is offering her fitness plan for $20 a month and when they join up, they will get “access to a private FB group with Jessica and me, where you receive 5 new workouts (M-F) every day (under 30 minutes!) and one bonus video every week! Plus, you get one FB live a month with us!”

Fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life are excited about this new partnership and hope to see more of Whitney and Jessica on the show soon!

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